Exploring the OverBlood 2 Debug Menu

After getting into the game's debug menu and playing around, I recorded a video showing what I found.

Exploring the OverBlood 2 Debug Menu

In the process of putting together this website I came across a page on The Cutting Room Floor detailing the debug info for OverBlood 2.

After getting into the debug menu and taking some time to play around, I recorded the below video in which you can take a look at some of the areas you cannot freely explore during a regular play-through of the game, see some weapons not accessible during the regular game and more…

Video; OverBlood 2 debug menu.

For anyone interested in exploring the debug mode themselves, here is how I did it…

Using the ePSXe emulator and a Japanese ROM file, OverBlood 2’s debug menu can be accessed by loading the following cheat codes;

#Debug menu
D00D36A0 0001
300D36A7 0001

Once the cheat codes have loaded, simply start the game before activating them. After the cheats are activated, press “L2” during gameplay and you should see the debug menu – this did take some trial and error to get working, so be patient.

Once you are in the debug menu, you are able to jump to the following locations within the game using the screen which displays “Episode”, “Block”, “Localno” and “Program” – simply input the following codes;

Episode 1

Carmine Lake Scene (night): 1011
Pagoda: 1021
Billboard Island Control Room: 1601
Navarro’s Flying Fortress: 1611
Gunner Scene: 1621

Episode 2

2nd Computer: 2202, 2262 (note, this can cause the game to crash!)
Elevator: 2412
Bridge Scene: 2422
Zeus Network (Immediate Kondo Boss Battle): 2432

Episode 3

Control Centre: 3003
Escape Sequence: 3293
Proton Core: 32123
Conrad Lawson’s Introduction (Cutscene Only); 3013

Episode 4

Aqua Liberty Ballroom: 4104
Escape Map (Enemies Attack from Behind): 4114
Escape Map 2 (Enemies Here Too): 4134
Gartlude Boss Battle: 4124
Submarine Express: 4144

Episode 6

Hideout: 6216
Dr. Marius Room: 6226
Junkblade Race Track: 6236

Episode 7

Meridian’s Bridge Room (Undamaged): 7007
The Ministry of National Defence: 7027
Top of the Little Elephant’s Hideout: 7037
Inside the Flymobile: 7047

I’d like to give a huge shout out to Tunedi for helping me access OverBlood 2’s debug menu, and also for providing all of the above codes – ultimately making this post possible.

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