Below are a bunch of OverBlood 2 related links from across the web. Please note that there are literally hundreds of web pages online that contain the same generic game information, usually pulled directly from Wikipedia – these links have been omitted from this list.

The Wiki page for OverBlood 2.

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GameSpot Review
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IGN Page
IGN’s page for OverBlood – which, following a 2019 update of the site has less info than before.

“Vault Diving: OverBlood 2” from Game Informer
OverBlood 2 is most talked about online thanks to the Super Replay – which you can find the full videos of on this website and also YouTube. The game was replayed with commentary and received very well online. This article is the announcement by Andrew Rennier from back in 2011, and (perhaps, surprisingly) features some very excited user comments.

Super Replay on Fandom
As mentioned previously, OverBlood 2 is most talked about online thanks to the Super Replay which was published back in 2011. On this Fandom (a Wikia powered website) page, you can find links and information relating to each of the 21 episodes of the OverBlood 2 Super Replay.

Another Super Replay article on Game Informer 
Another article on Game Informer discussing the infamous Super Replay of OverBlood 2 – this time published in 2012 by Dan Ryckert.

Giant Bomb Review

The IMDB page for OverBlood 2.

Two Questions for Overblood’s Lead Designer & Director Akihiro Hino
Now, this article is pretty short which may suggest it isn’t totally legit – however OverBlood 2 question and answer articles (with the creator of the game) are hard to come by, so see for yourself…

Chris’ Survival Horror Quest – Game Article & Save Files
This website has been one of my favourite game-related sites since it’s launch in the early 2000’s, and is really worth checking out. Chris plays through and review various “survival horror” games and writes tons of cool articles – thankfully OverBlood 2 makes the cut, but unfortunately I believe Chris never completed the game as he hasn’t reviewed it… However – thanks to his friend “16bitman” he has included a couple of saves from the game (somehow) which apparently help beat many of the bugs reported in Episode 2 of OverBlood 2. Note that we have not tried these files for ourselves.

The Video Game Soda Machine Project
This website is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin… They collect pictures of vending machines in videos games of all types. They’ve even got OverBlood 2’s very own.

TV Tropes
This review of the original OverBlood also contains some information on the sequel towards the end of the article.

Unfinished Walkthrough
Written and submitted by ‘Samy’, who appears to have had a bugged version of the game.

Fandom Wiki Page
Fandom is a site powered by Wikia containing information on all types of tv, movies and games – including OverBlood 2.

Mark Estdale Quote
Back in March of 2010 spoke to the man in charge of overseeing the voice acting for OverBlood 2’s PAL release, Mark Estdale.

Although the article has been lost to time, it is still accessible through

Riverhillsoft Wikipedia
Wikipedia entry for the company responsible for OverBlood 2.

Akihiro Hino Wikipedia
Wikipedia entry for the creator of the OverBlood series, and now CEO of Level-5.

OverBlood 2 Artwork on Deviant Art
There are a few different pieces of artwork relating to the game on popular graphic artwork website Deviant Art.

OverBlood 2 Debug Information on The Cutting Room Floor
The Cutting Room Floor have a page detailing the debug info for OverBlood 2.

OverBlood 2 on Zophar’s Domain
Zophar’s is a great resource for all things associated with a just about every game from every console in history. In the music section there is an entire page full of OverBlood 2 related audio files.

OverBlood 2 on
OverBlood 2 has a paragraph within an article titled “The Playstation (PS1) Survival Horror Library” gaming site published back in 2009.

OverBlood 2 on Top Best Alternatives
Top Best Alternatives is a website that does exactly what you’d assume; suggests alternatives for games, software and other media. OverBlood 2 has an entry from January 2019.

OverBlood 2 Spanish Translation Patch on
On our ROMs page you’ll find several free versions of the game – sadly Spanish is not one of them. But thanks to the people at you can download a translation patch. There are two files – one for each of the two game discs.

OverBlood 2 archived on Japanese website ITmedia
Although in Japanese, this page on ITmedia can easily be translated. It contains details on the release of OverBlood 2 from back in 1998, including information on the now rare East Edge File and accompanying extras for the first 10,000 people to reserve the game. Visit our Game Discs & Covers for images of these releases.

OverBlood & OverBlood 2 Walkthrough & Information on Japanese Mini-Site
A blog run by Sotosishi contains (among posts on other non-game related subjects) walkthroughs for a number video game titles including both OverBlood and OverBlood 2. This section of the blog also contains information relating to both games, including notes about other media releases aside from the game discs themselves.

OverBlood 2 Walkthrough on Japanese Fan Site
This website is a fan-made website in Japanese that contains walkthroughs and information on various games, including OverBlood 2.

OverBlood 2 on
The name of this website probably tells you all you need to know about it. They have an article on OverBlood 2 that you can check out, featuring “10 Games Like OverBlood 2”.

“Looking at the PlayStation’s Many Curious ‘Resident Evil’ Clones” on
Most of you (survival horror / adventure) gamers out there will have heard of Bloody Disgusting. The OverBlood series is featured in a recent article on their site.

OverBlood 2 Japanese Mini-site
One of the most comprehensive Japanese mini websites online.

OverBlood 2 on Scrap Cliff
Another Japanese mini-site. This one reviews the game and many others.

OverBlood 2 on Riverhillsoft Website (via Wayback Machine)
After finding a link to what was Riverhillsoft’s website (the company responsible for making OverBlood 2), I was able to take a look using the Wayback Machine and found the following page detailing the game.

OverBlood 2 Minecraft Skins
Although I don’t know shit about Minecraft, user liquidsnakegfer9 has added several skins resembling the OverBlood 2 charachters including Acarno, Navarro, Kondo and Chris.

OverBlood 2 – East Edge File Yellow Variant Info
The East Edge File was a promotional disc given to the first 10,000 pre-order customers in Japan, with two cover variants existing – one white and one yellow (see the Physical Media page for more info). While both of these items are now very rare, the yellow variant is the more mysterious of the two with just one single image online posted on a Japanese blog named “Nerd Husband and Ordinary Wife”. I’ve reached out to try and find out more but no reply as of yet.

OverBlood 2 Music Info via RocketBaby
A great site dedicated to various gaming content. Although now (seemingly) unused, I had to provide a link thanks to some info I learned on the game’s music.

OverBlood 2 Info on Italian Website
A website containing information on the game in Italian, as well as some download links to ROM files.

OverBlood 2 Cheats on Japanese Blog
A link that was sent to me via email containing some cheat codes and game artwork posted back in 2007.

Moby Games Review
Another limited review (along with some basic game info), this time from Moby Games.