Physical Media

Physical Media

OverBlood 2 - Europe

The release date for the PAL version of OverBlood 2 is hard to pinpoint due to there being two versions; the first released sometime in 1999 by “Evolution Entertainment” (pictured here), and a second released by “EON Digital Entertainment” sometime in 2001 (thought to be April 13th). The game is thought to have been re-released due to several game ending bugs known to occur on the earlier version during Episode 2 of the game (read more about the on the About page).

Unlike it’s Japanese equivalent, the cover featured an image of a futuristic-looking typewriter, which can also been on the game’s load and save screen.

In addition to several screenshots, the back cover featured some bad translation, something the game itself is known for. The disc artwork also differs from the Japanese release. 

OverBlood 2 - Japan

OverBlood 2 was released in Japan (NTSC) on July 23, 1998. The cover art featured an image of Raz’s flymobile from the game.

This regional release featured a single-sided insert as well as a booklet insert which differed to the EU release only in the cover artwork and language translation.

OverBlood 2 - Japan Version "PlayStation the Best" variant (Japan)

“PlayStation the Best” is a budget range in Japan and parts of Asia. Similar budget ranges include “Greatest Hits” in North America, “Essentials” in PAL regions and the “BigHit” Series in Korea. As with the original game, OverBlood 2 was released as a title in the “PlayStation the Best” range with a branded cover variant.

The insert manual and back cover are the same as the standard Japan release.

OverBlood 2 - Russia

Released at the same time as the Japanese version of the game, the Russian release featured cover and disc art varying greatly in style from other regional releases.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a copy of this and as I’m unfamiliar with Russian games have no idea if there are inserts included or not. As the PlayStation logo on both covers has black lines through it and is shown in red on the discs, I believe this may be a bootleg copy of the game.

OverBlood 2 - Italy

The Italian regional release features the same cover and disc artwork as the English version with a translation back cover, seen here.

OverBlood 2 Preview Book [Vol. 1]

The first of 2 printed promotional booklets distributed in Japan to promote the game ahead of it’s release.

OverBlood 2 Preview Book [Vol. 2]

The second of 2 printed promotional booklets distributed in Japan to promote the game ahead of it’s release.

OverBlood 2 Movie CD

This was released prior to the game itself as a promotional item and contains only the into movie from the game (in Japanese).

OverBlood 2 Pre-Order Postcard

This A5 flyer was distributed in Japan prior to the game’s release, along with the “OverBlood 2 Preview Book [Vol. 2]” (shown above).

According to Japanese website ITmedia, gamers were encouraged to pre-order the game via post for 6,800 yen before 9th July 1998 – the first 10,000 of which would receive a copy of the game along with the “East Edge File” (shown below).

The artwork on the back shows Raz Karcy. His illustrated speech is a summary of the game’s plot.

OverBlood 2 - The East Edge File

As mentioned above, by pre-ordering OverBlood 2 in Japan for 6,008 yen, the first 10,000 customers also received the “East Edge File” disc, which came in a sealed black envelope.

Presented in a cardboard cover, the disc features content not in the main game in addition to a fold-out leaflet named “Mission Map 2 plus α”.

Visit the Videos page to see the exactly whats on the East Edge File disc.

OverBlood 2 Strategy Guide 1

This 144 page “Playstation Perfect Capture Series” was released in Japan around the time of the game’s release and boasts a thorough, in-depth walkthrough with maps.

In addition, there are around 40 pages of various information detailing the story of OverBlood 2, it’s cast of characters and an interviews with some of the game’s key contributors.

OverBlood 2 Strategy Guide 2

Released on 30th August 1998, this guide is from the Japanese “Sony Magazines Deluxe” series (number 243).

It contains 114 pages, the first 66 of which makeup a detailed walkthrough and are presented in full colour. The other 48 pages – presented in black and white – detail the story of OverBlood 2, it’s cast of characters, interviews with some of the game’s key contributors and some original concept sketches for the game’s enemies and environments.

Note there are two cover variants.

OverBlood 2 Strategy Guide 3

The most comprehensive OverBlood 2 strategy guide released was by “The PlayStation Books” in Japan, and features 176 full colour pages.

The book contains (in greater volume) similar content to the other two shown above.

OverBlood 2 Japanese Promotional Poster

A Japanese promotional poster promoting OverBlood 2’s July 23rd, 1998 release.

OverBlood 2 OST

Released in 1998, this CD is a compilation of all the music from OverBlood 2. Although I’m hoping to acquire a copy in the future, the price is a little high.

The songs from OverBlood 2 can be found on our Videos page.

OverBlood 2 VHS

Another purchase I made while researching for this website is this VHS. Although my copy is sealed (and I have not viewed the contents), I believe it contains the OverBlood 2 intro film (which runs at around 120 seconds), as there is only a very small amount of tape visible through the cassette’s window.

TGS, Autumn 97 Flyer

OverBlood 2 had it’s own stand at the 1997 Autumn Tokyo Game Show. Producers Riverhillsoft also gave out promotional flyers at the event showing their up-coming releases which can be seen here thanks to Twitter user @yoshidamasataka.

OverBlood 2: Another Story

オーバーブラッド2 アナザー・ストーリー (translated into English as; “OverBlood 2: Another Story”) – was released in 1999 and is a 288 page novel featuring five short stories that further explore the world, characters and story prior, during and after the events which take place in the game. Authors included; Kinjo Shuri, Nagae Jin, Xincheng Kazuma, Yuichi Ishida and Junichi Sugiyama.

Details on the book are scarce and subject to translation, the titles and general premise of each story is as follows;

“Recollection of Nina” by Fumi Nishitani
As we found out during the events of OverBlood 2, Acarno’s younger sister was kidnapped at an early age. This story explores the events surrounding Nina’s abduction and introduces us to her classmate “Robin”.

“The Clown Night” by Yuichi Ishida
This story features Dr. Velter Curits and offers more insight into him being spied on.

“Challenger’s Sheet” by Junichi Sugiyama
Set during the same time frame as the events that took place in OverBlood 2 and taking place in East Edge City, this story centres around a junk blade race between current champion “Roddy” and his rival “Keimo”.

“Summer Revenge Without Shadows” by Jin Nagae
Featuring all of the main cast, this story is set a little while after the events of the game. An air cooling tower has malfunctioned, meanwhile the Pagoda has been occupied by terrorists and the team must come to the rescue.

“Rainbow Looz” by Kazuma Shinshiro & Shuri Kaneshiro
This is thought to be the shortest of the five stories, and nothing else is known about it other than it being set in downtown East Edge City.

Sadly I’ve been unable to find any other images of the book, however I’m hoping to add a physical copy to my collection soon.