OverBlood 2 – Full Walkthrough

Although there were several walkthroughs already on YouTube, I wanted to put together a full walkthrough for Episodes 1-7 which not only followed the written guide on this website, but also filled in any items, locations or secrets missed in any existing videos.

The video walkthrough has been uploaded in 33 separate videos in a playlist over at the YouTube Channel – the first of which you can see above.

The “East Edge File”

When OverBlood 2 was released back in 1998, Japanese gamers could pre-order their copy for 6,88 yen. As an incentive the first 10,000 customers also received the “East Edge File” disc – the contents of which are shown in this video taken from the YouTube channel.

Visit the Physical Media page for more details on the East Edge File.

OverBlood 2 on Super Replay

OverBlood 2 is the featured game of the tenth installment of Super Replay.

It premiered on December 31, 2011 and ended on February 23, 2012 with episode 20.

The above video is Super Replay’s “Episode 1 – Heat It Up”.

OverBlood 2 at TGS, Autumn ’97

Back in 1997, The Tokyo Game Show 1997 Autumn (東京ゲームショウ1997秋) (TGS 1997 Autumn) was held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan.

Alongside titles premiering at the event such as the legendary “Biohazard 2”, OverBlood 2 had it’s own stand. After some digging around online I managed to uncover an article from “PlayStation Magazine #12” released in Spain in 1998 showing an image of the OverBlood 2 stand at the event. I then went onto find a clip of the stand during a video on YouTube uploaded by Ray Mak, which I edited into the video below.

OverBlood 2 – opening upscaled to 720p

YouTuber Yoko Inokuma uploaded a video to their channel in 2022 of Overblood 2’s opening scene upscaled to 720p from the original 320×176 – and it looks great.

The video is without the on-screen credits and was ripped from the “East Edge City File” Bonus CD. It was created using ESRGAN.

OverBlood 2 – Japanese Demo 

A demo for OverBlood 2 was released in September 1998’s edition of the Japan’s “Hyper PlayStation Re-mix” magazine (hyperプレイステーションre-mix). The fully playable demo (which can be completed in around 10-20 minutes, if you know where to go) features a level not seen in the official release of the game. You can read more about it by clicking here.

This video is from the YouTube Channel and shows a full playthrough of the demo.

OverBlood 2 – Soundtrack HD

This video is taken from the YouTube channel, and contains all 79 songs from the game.

Note that this should not be mistaken for the double-disc CD entitled “OverBlood 2 – Original Soundtrack” [MGCD-1067] – which was released on October 1st 1998 by Media Rings in Japan. The official release is now rare, and contains 49 of the 70 tracks featured here.

OverBlood 2 – 1998 TV Commercial

Apparently there were actual TV adverts for OverBlood 2 in Japan back around the time of the game’s release. 

This video is taken from the YouTube channel, and thanks to this video from YouTube user 83Chrisaaron we can not only see the advert, but a translation of the Japanese voiceover using the closed captions provided.

OverBlood 2 Debug Menu

After getting into the debug menu and taking some time to play around, I recorded this video in which you can take a look at some of the areas you cannot freely explore during a regular play-through of the game, see some weapons not seen during the regular game and more….

For more information, please visit the “Exploring the OverBlood 2 Debug Menu” blog.

OverBlood 2 Promotional VHS

Sometime before the release of OverBlood 2 in Japan, a VHS tape was produced showcasing an edited version of the game’s intro movie with an additional Japanese voiceover. A rip of this has been added to the YouTube channel and can be seen above.

Japanese Video Walkthrough

A Japanese narrated walkthrough created by YouTube user ダンキー.

Video Walkthrough (no FMVs)

This video walkthrough by Dhu4n is pretty comprehensive and cuts out many of the game’s lengthy cut scenes.

Consolevania Review

Consolevania is a video games TV show filmed in and around Glasgow, Scotland. It has featured on broadcast TV and online on various websites. In “Episode 2.2”, OverBlood 2 receives a comical review which can be seen here from the Consolevania YouTube channel.

TheGamingBritShow Review

The Gaming Brit has a YouTube channel dedicated to a variety of gaming content, boasting over 100,000 Subscribers. 

Interestingly, the channel also has a video about the original OverBlood title available to watch, which has over 125,000 views.


Thats right, theres even OverBlood 2 cartoons. This is one of many Overtoon videos by YouTube user Myles Cadle.

Overblood 2 | Back from the Dead

Another video by The Gaming Brit, and probably my favourite OverBlood 2 video on YouTube.

This video – over an hour in length – gives a detailed account of the events which take place in OverBlood 2, provides an honest (but fair) review of the title and also explores the game’s release and general obscurity.

“Japan Only Squaresoft Games” 

ThorHighHeels is one of my favourite YouTubers thanks to his many videos about obscure Japanese and survival horror PS1 releases.

In this video covering games released only in Japan by Square Soft, OverBlood 2 gets a few solid mentions when referencing the overall aesthetic of some of the games featured in the video.

Give Thor’s channel a look, he has some great content.

Forgotten PS1 Horror by Randalf

YouTube user Randalf uploads some great PS1 content on his channel, including this – the second part of his “Forgotten PS1 Horror” mini-series which features a segment on OverBlood 2 (from 12:50 onwards).

The video was released in May 2019 and gives an honest review from the perspective of a gamer with love of similar titles. Randalf has also done a playthrough of the first hour or so of the game, which you can view here.

Check our Randalf’s channel – he posts some cool stuff. I particularly enjoyed his videos on “Mizourna Falls”.

PSXploitation – OverBlood 2

A 2020 review of OverBlood 2 by user PSXploration.

 OverBlood 2 Full Movie

The folks behind YouTube channel UPlayNetwork have done a great job of taking all of the (many) cinematics from the game and turning them into two-and-a-half hour film.

(Beaten) Speedrun Record by Ghoulston

In February 2021 Ghoulston beat his previous OverBlood 2 speedrun record of 94559by around 3 hours, finishing in an impressive at 65123s.

Speedrun Record by wondrous_wisdomball

For the second time in 2021, the speedrun record for OverBlood 2 has been broken. A time of 62008s was set by Twitch user wondrous_wisdomball, breaking the previous record of 65123s.

OverBlood 2 “Breaking the Seal”

YouTube user Radical Reggie breaks the seal on a copy of OverBlood 2.

OverBlood 2 Long Play by retsupurae

Popular YouTube gaming channel retsupurae began a long play of OverBlood 2, sadly not completing it. Hopefully they are able to see it through eventually. They also cover they initial OverBlood title and plenty of other old stuff you may like.

“The One Time Incompletable So Bad It’s Good Game” by Broken Controller

In early 2022, YouTuber Broken Controller uploaded a nearly hour-long feature video on OverBlood 2. In the video he summarises the plot and reviews the game. It’s a great watch, and thanks to Broken Controller for crediting the site.

OverBlood 2 All Japanese FMVs

All of the games cut scenes from the Japanese version, uploaded to YouTube by Peter K.