[Episode 1] The Terminal

In the year 2115 A.D, a 24 year old Acarno Brani has relocated from Greyland to East Edge City to pursue his career as a professional "junk blade" race.

[Episode 1] The Terminal


In the year 2115 A.D, a 24 year old Acarno Brani has relocated from Greyland to East Edge City to pursue his career as a professional “junk blade” race.

Upon arrival, an altercation quickly ensues and Acarno finds himself in the middle of a conflict between a seemingly nice older gentleman and an armed group of individuals who demand he hands over a specific item.

To complete the first section of the game you must trigger a cut scene by talking to a specific person in the terminal, before escaping alive.

Episode Sections


Following the introductory cut scene, you begin in the West Terminal Tower 8F as the game’s main playable character, Acarno Brani. This is a good, safe area for you to get used to OverBlood 2’s controls, inventory and camera angles if you are new to the game.

There are multiple floors to explore, all of which are littered with NPCs that when interacted with, offer advice on the game’s controls – although there isn’t much to be gained here that you won’t learn later on for yourself. Beyond the NPCs walking around, there is little to explore or interact with.

Starting from the point at which you first entered the room, you will see something ‘sparkling’ on the floor to your right in front of the large pillar – this is how items appear in OverBlood 2. Walk over and pick it up.

Items in OverBlood 2; Items that can be picked up in the game appear as twinkling dots, so be sure to keep your eye out. Stand over the item and press the action button to pick it up.
Item; After picking up an item in the game (in this case, a GEO STONE), you will be prompted on-screen.

Turn 180 degrees and follow the walkway around to the right until you reach the three red vending machines. Jump on top of the middle vending machine and collect x2 MAGAZINE CARTRIDGES.

Item; Pickup the x2 MAGAZINE CARTRIDES on top of the middle red vending machine.

You can also buy JUICE CAN health recovery items from the vending machine – simply stand in front of the machine and access your inventory, scroll to the “?” on the right-hand side and use the CREDIT CARD CHIP. A JUICE CAN is both the least powerful and cheapest health recovery items in the game, so don’t bother.

Jump down from the vending machines and continue heading around the walkway and you will notice an elderly man sat down on a bench situated up against the windows. Talk to him, select “I’m tired… I think I’ll rest a while” and meet Veltor Curtis.

Veltor Curtis; To progress you must interact with Veltor to trigger a cut scene. He can be found sat on one of the benches within the Terminal, on the same floor you arrived.

Cut scene 

After the cut scene you will have acquired the ANTIQUE GUN and the UNKNOWN CAPSULE. Ignoring the enemies, head for the escalator. Go down to the next level, and keep going down all the way to the ground floor.

It is worth noting that eliminating enemies is one of many ways to earn CP (Clear Points) throughout the game – which determines whether you unlock the hidden bonus Episode or not – however during this encounter, enemies will respawn and those killed will not count towards your CP. For more information on Clear Points, visit the CP & Rankings page.

Cut scene

Feel free to save your game when prompted. Note that you can save your game at any time by accessing the inventory menu and using the VOICE RECORDER.