[Episode 1] Welcome to East Edge City

[Episode 1] Welcome to East Edge City


After an unorthodox arrival, Acarno finally finds himself in East Edge City. Having escaped Kondo and his cronies, and briefly acquainting himself with Veltor Cutris and Chris Lanebecca, Acarno is now in possession of the Unknown Capsule – but what is it? And what does all of this mean?

To progress any further you will need to find some answers, which can be found at one of the city’s many buildings; D-NA Bar.

Episode Sections

Once Acarno emerges from the water, he will examine the UNKNOWN CAPSULE and you will be given a chance to press a button. This makes no change to the game’s proceedings, so do as you please – if you choose to press the button, a muffled audio message will play. If not, the message will automatically play very shortly.

Throughout the course of the game you will return to your current location; East Edge City. Your visits will occur in-between the game’s Episodes. You’ll return for a number of reasons such as buying and selling items and weapons, gathering intel from the locals and generally exploring the hidden extras the city has to offer. All the necessary journeys needed will be covered in this walkthrough – you can also check out the East Edge City Guide here.

The city offers many destinations to visit and things to do, so feel free to explore for yourself. The walkthrough will resume from the point at which Acarno exited the water – the Harbour Steps. Your first destination is the Museum of East Edge – follow the below steps;

1; From the Harbour Steps, head to Acarno's right, in front of the missile monument.
2. Arrive at the Museum of East Edge City.

There are various movies you can watch at the Museum, all of which explain the story and world surrounding OverBlood 2. The various movies you can watch are all relatively short, but worth watching if you want to get the most out of the story.

The doors to the building are underneath the two US flags above the stairs. Once inside, head over to the kiosk and interact with the worker – this will enable you to select a film to watch, following which you can enter the cinema room using the double doors at the end of the hallway.

Special movies are released at various points in the game; the 1st Cinema Special is unlocked between episodes 1 and 2. Between episodes 3 and 4, both the 2nd and 3rd Cinema Specials are unlocked at once.

After you are finished inside the Museum of East Edge, the next destination is D-NA Bar. Follow the directions below to get there;

1; Exit the Museum building itself, and from Museum of East Edge head towards the bottom of your screen, from the direction you originally entered this area.
2; You will now re-appear at the Harbour Steps. Head up the stairs in the middle of the screen.
3; You are now at D-NA Bar - a destination you will often return to. Note that the robot on the left of the door (just off-screen in the above image) can be interacted with to see your progress and rankings as you complete Episodes.

When you arrive at D-NA Bar, head towards the front door underneath the illuminated sign to trigger some dialogue from Acarno. Head inside the bar when he’s finished talking.

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