[Episode 1] Meeting Raz at D-NA Bar

[Episode 1] Meeting Raz at D-NA Bar


After playing the audio message on the Unknown Capsule that was acquired back in the Airport Terminal, Acarno begins to explore East Edge City and discovers a name that was potentially mentioned within the audio message.

Acarno meets Raz Karcy (main character from the original OverBlood game) – a freedom-fighter who elaborates on Acarno’s predicament at the Airport, and subsequently makes an offer that Acarno cannot refuse.

You must obtain the necessary items required to complete Raz’s request in order to progress any further.

After the cut scene – during which you meet Raz (the same Raz Karcy from the original game, only now with a Scottish accent) – you will have gained 1000 CREDITS. Head behind the bar and interact with Raz again and he will inform you that you will need a HOOK SHOT and a GRAVITY CONTROLLER before you can proceed to Billboard Island.

Talk to Raz (again); You must interact with Raz before leaving the bar or else the HOOK SHOT cannot be picked up.
Easter egg; In the corner of the room at D-NA Bar there is a rotating stature that players of the original OverBlood game will recognize – if you interact with it and choose to remove the gravity controller against Raz’s advice, it will kill you in the same way it’s larger counterpart did in OverBlood 2’s predecessor.

Next, exit the bar. Walk around the back of Raz’ flymobile (the vehicle parked on the right of the bar which says “Don’t Touch” on it’s hood) and pick up the HOOK SHOT.

Item; The HOOK SHOT is not visible to you, but can easily be found by examining the back of Raz's flymobile.

Cut scene

Your next destination is Basilica Intersection [10 on our East Edge City]. To get there, follow the directions below;

1; From D-NA Bar, head to the left side of the screen, past the robot outside the bar.
2; Head to the top left of your screen at Under Clock Tower.
3; Arrive at Basilica Intersection.

At Basilica Intersection locate the man with orange hair wearing a black outfit – interact with him to meet Siver Otakki. During your visits between Episodes 1-5 of the game, Siver can be found here and will offer prizes in exchange for answering his questions correctly.

Siver Otakki; Answer with "Agibat Junk" to receive an INSTANT PLATE.

You’ll need to buy a GRAVITY CONTROLLER next, so head towards the top of the screen at Basilica Intersection and you will emerge in Shop Street [11 on our East Edge City Guide].

Shop Street; Here - as the name suggests - there is a shop on either side of the street.

"Gotti Tools" (on the left side of the screen) sells non-weapon and recovery items such as EMERGENCY SPRAY and the all important GRAVITY CONTROLLER.

On the opposite side of the street is (right side of the screen) "Agibat Junk". Between the robot and man who work here you can buy various explosives such as GRENADES and TIME BOMBS.

When you arrive at Shop Alley, Gotti Tools is the brightly coloured building on your left. Interact with the owner and sell the GEO STONE you picked up at the airport – note that you can sell any stones you pickup throughout the game here. Buy the GRAVITY CONTROLLER – note that normally items purchased around East Edge City require payment, but not on this occasion.

You shouldn’t need any more items for now so head back to the D-NA bar. Use the directions below if you cannot remember your way back;

1; Starting on Shop Street, head towards the bottom of your screen.
2; Emerging at the top of Basilica Intersection head to the right of your screen.
3; Head to the right of your screen again at Under Clock Tower.
4; Arrive back at D-NA Bar.

Re-enter the bar and head downstairs once inside. Talk to Raz and select; “Yes, let’s start”.

Cut scene