[Episode 2] First Return to East Edge City

[Episode 2] First Return to East Edge City


After successfully infiltrating Billboard Island and escaping safely, Acarno brings the Pagoda Map back to Raz at D-NA Bar, along with Navarro Jean. International Police Officer, Chris Rernbecker, also joins the cause.

We soon learn how Raz, Navarro and Veltor Curtis know each other. We also find out about the mystery boy that ultimately rescued them all many years earlier.

Meanwhile, Kondo and Ryuichi Hayano plot their next move.

After being initially hesitant, Acarno decides to join the others in planning an attack on the Pagoda, which requires the defeat of three separate guarding systems.


Following Acarno’s decision to not help the others, there are a few things to do before progressing any further. To start, you need to find out some information about the Pagoda – follow the directions below;

1; Starting at D-NA Bar, head off-screen to the right and down the stairs.
2; At the Harbour Steps, head off-screen to the left.
3; Arrive at your destination - North East Wharf.

Interact with the man sat on the ground, and you’ll be prompted to give him something in order to make him stand up. Give him the 50K CREDIT CHIP via the inventory and he will offer up some useful information that is needed in order to proceed. Note that after giving him the item you will have to interact with him again once he finishes talking in order to hear learn the information.

You can also now view the first Cinema Special movie at the Museum of East Edge City, which tells you more about the “Zeus Network”. Follow the directions below to get there;

1; Start at North East Wharf and head to the right of your screen.
2; At the Harbour Steps, head to the right of your screen.
3; Arrive at Museum of East Edge. Head inside the building and talk to the kiosk worker and select "Special".

Note that only the 1st Cinema Special is now unlocked (between episodes 3 and 4, both the 2nd and 3rd Cinema Specials are unlocked at once). After watching the movie, exit the building.

The various residents you encounter in East Edge City can all be interacted with, and many will tell you different things about Hayano Industries and the Pagoda – while you may want to try this for yourself, there is nothing else to be gained from talking to other people that will impact your progress.

Next you’ll need to head to another part of the city in order to trigger another cut scene. From the Museum of East Edge, follow the directions below;

1; Starting at Museum of East Edge, walk towards the camera.
2; At the Harbour Steps, head up the stairs.
3; Arriving back at D-NA Bar, head past the parked vehicle and around the back of the building.
4; You will now be at Pumpkin Hall. Head straight past the entrance and continue to the left of your screen.
5; Finally, arrive at the Subway Intersection and a cut scene will trigger.

Cut scene

Now it’s time to head back to the group, making a couple of stops on the way. First, head towards the bottom-left of your screen.

1; Starting at the Subway Intersection, head off-screen to the bottom right.
2. You are now at Shop Street. Now is a good time to sell your GEM STONES. You can also purchase any health items and ammunition, although this is not recommended as you will be fine with the amount of pickups during the next part of the game.

When you're done here, walk towards the bottom of the screen.
3; You're now at Basilica Intersection - locate Siver Otakki, who has another question for you as he did during your last visit to the city. Answer with "Sudden Death of the Earth" to get the BLACK LEATHER jacket.

When you are finished, head to the right of your screen.
4; From Under Clock Tower, head to the right of your screen.
5; Arrive back at D-NA Bar.

It is worth noting at this point that if you failed to collect the INSULATOR BOOTS at Billboard Island during Episode 1, you will need to purchase the RUBBER BOOTS (which will cost 500 CREDITS) from the shop located at Array Bridge Intersection [18 on our East Edge City Guide].

Head inside D-NA Bar.

Cut scene

Changing players; Following the cut scene in D-NA Bar where the team discusses their planned attack on the Pagoda, it is possible to interact with Chris and Navarro and take control of them in order to further explore East Edge City. While this is not essential to your progress, it does provide the rare opportunity to shop for female clothes while playing as Chris from one particular shop located at Muromachi Shop [number 22 on the East Edge City Guide].

When you’re ready – which you are if you collected the items mentioned above – interact with one of your team members inside D-NA Bar and select “Launch an attack”.

Cut scene

When prompted by Raz, distribute the missions to the team in the following order;

  • First guarding system; Chris
  • Second guarding system; Navarro
  • Third guarding system; Acarno

When prompted after making your choices, select “Yes, it’s OK”.

Cut scene