[Episode 2] Second Guarding System: Navarro

After Chris has defeated the first Guardian, it's Navarro's turn.

[Episode 2] Second Guarding System: Navarro


After Chris has defeated the first Guardian, it’s Navarro’s turn.

You must successfully locate and defeat the second Guardian before progressing any further.


As Navarro, ensure the GRAVITY CONTROLLER is switched on and equip the COOL SOLE BOOTS if you have them in your possession. There are several items to pickup in this first room, but be careful not to get caught out by the fire coming intermittently through the floor in the centre of the room;

Item; Pickup the 2 EXTINGUISHING SPRAYS on the ground.
Item; Pickup the 3 SWITCH BOMBS, also on the ground.
Item; On the wall you will notice a glass cabinet. Equip the ANTIQUE GUN and shoot the glass, revealing an EMERGENYCY SPRAY.
Broken ladders; Facing the cabinet, you'll notice a ladder to the right with it's middle section missing. Jump on top of the cabinet, and then jump again while turning in the air allowing you to grab the ladders before climbing up.

Back on the ground, you’ll notice that the only doors in this room are the set of large double doors with a switch next to them, which is unfortunately broken. Using your explosive of choice, take out the doors and proceed into the next room.

Throw a FREEZE PACK into the lava beneath the walkway – this will allow you to cross without getting burned. There is a FREEZE PACK to pick up on the ground towards the end of the walkway.

Using the double doors at the end of the walkway, enter the next room, which has a huge fan at either side. Before doing anything else in this room, approach the edge of the balcony on which you are stood and prepare to throw a FREEZE PACK into the lava below.

Take aim; Freezing the lava below with a FREEZE PACK helps you move around the room more easily without burning yourself.

Drop down using the gap on the left of the doors. head down the ramp and onto the frozen lava and there are two items to collect on rocks which stick out of the ground – note that the large fans in the room will make jumping a little tricky for now, but they will be turned off soon.

Item; The FLAME THROWER should be easily visible on top of one of the rocks.
Item; The second item to collect is an OIL CARTRIDGE, which is on top of another rock at the opposite end of the room.

Standing on the rock you just picked up the OIL CARTRIDGE on, face the opposite side of the room to the one you entered through and use the HOOK SHOT.

Take aim; The HOOK SHOT should be aimed at this part of the wall.
Switch; The HOOK SHOT will propel you towards the wall, landing next to a switch. Interact with it to shut off the two giant fans at either side of the room.

Turn so that Navarro’s back is facing the switch and head towards the silver bridge in front of you to pickup another item.

Item; Pickup the OIL CARTRIDGE on the silver metal bridge.

Next you want to be underneath the giant fan closest to the switch on the wall you just pulled. Either jump from the moving slope on either side closest to the wall, or use the HOOK SHOT by aiming it at the fan (but remember this will result in a minor loss of CP). When you land, pickup the 750 CREDITS on the ground.

Item; There is an item to collect beneath both of the room's giant fans which can be safely picked up now the switch has been used.

Jump back to where the switch (that turned off the giant fans) is and run towards the fan on the opposite side of the room. Jump to the opening where the fan is (or use the HOOK SHOT if you’re struggling) and grab another item from underneath.

Item; The item under the second fan is 2 GRENADES.

Drop to the lava below. Head towards the fan on the opposite side of the room. Underneath the fan you’ll notice a mesh screen with items clearly visible on the other side.

Mesh screen; Take it out with one of your explosives.

After the boom, climb up onto the newly presented ledge and pickup 5 SWITCH BOMBS and 6 TIME BOMBS, before heading into the dark space in front of you. In the next room, there are more doors to blow up.

You will now be presented with a tunnel – before proceeding any further it is important to note this tunnel (and another identical tunnel you will discover shortly) can be tricky to navigate due to colossal fireballs that are fired from one intermittently. The fireballs are always come from the same direction and are fired at roughly thirty second intervals.

After waiting for a fireball to pass, enter the tunnel and turn right (heading in the same direction the fireball travels) and head forwards hugging the left-hand wall until you come to a set of double doors. Note that there is an item behind these doors, which you can only pick up by using a GRENADE to take them out – otherwise the item disappears.

Doors; The double doors you are looking for are a dull silver colour, with a horizontal black and yellow strip in the middle. Take them out.

2 EXTINGUISHING SPRAYS can be found on the floor to your right. Although the control panels in front of you can be interacted with, it does nothing to help you advance.

Equip the FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Turn to face the tunnel (with your back to the control panels), and head left, making sure to time your run so you are not consumed by a fireball. Put out the three fires in front of you to get some more items.

Fires; Extinguishing the flames will reveal three seperate GEO STONES.

Head back to the control panel area revealed by your last explosion and take refuge as another fireball passes. Feel free to put away the FIRE EXTINGUISHER for now. Follow the fireball up the tunnel, collect 2 EMERGENCY SPRAYS and continue up the tunnel until you drop into a small pool of water. Sit just below the surface as another fireball passes.

Climb back out of the water and again head in the same direction as the fireballs travel. As you near the end of the tunnel you will come to another set of explodable doors on your right. Take them out to reveal another set of control panels.

Left control panel; The left control panel can be interacted with in order to turn off an underwater laser gate.

Await the passing of another fireball before turning to face the tunnel. Pickup the 3 TIME BOMBS in front of the set of doors opposite, before blowing the doors up.

Third set of explodable doors; The doors look different, but blow up just as easy.

Pickup 30 CREDITS which are both laying on the ground, then explode the set of doors in front of you to reveal a second tunnel. Note that the fireballs travel in the same direction in both tunnels.

Equip the FIRE EXTINGUISHER and wait for a fireball to pass before heading into the tunnel in the direction the fireball came from. Extinguish the flames to reveal more GEM STONES, before running back to the area you just came from so that you can allow another fireball to pass.

When it’s safe, again head left into the tunnel past where you just extinguished the flames and drop into the small pool of water. Hover below the surface as another fireball passes before climbing out and continuing in the same direction.

On the left of the tunnel, there is another explodable door on the left – this time the kind with the horizontal black and yellow stripe. Use the doorway as a refuge from the next fireball, but don’t bother exploding the doors as there are no items behind them.

After another fireball has passed, head left into the tunnel and again continue in the direction the fireballs are fired from. Hug the right wall until you come to a final set of explodable doors as you near the end of the tunnel.

Final explodable doors; These look a little different, with large crosses on the front.

Pickup the 20 CREDITS on the ground before blowing up the mesh screen in front of you. In the next room, drop down from the ledge and head over to the large silver doors underneath the large tank in front of you.

More fucking explodable doors; You know what to do by now.

Once the doors are gone, head inside and pickup the EMERGENCY SPRAY. Head back out and towards another set of explodable silver doors under a second tank. Blow them up, head inside and collect 2 BAZOOKA ROUNDS. Head back out into the main room and onto a a third set of explodable doors under a third tank. Repeat the same process and pickup 7 SWITCH BOMBS and an OIL CARTRIDGE.

Once all of the items have been collected from underneath the three tanks, you must blow up the control panel at the base of each tank – ensuring you stand clear enough not to be crushed.

Red control panel; There are three to take out, causing each of the tanks to fall and begin spilling oil. The oil itself cannot harm you.

Position yourself between the middle tank and the tank closest to the end of the room you entered through. Use the HOOK SHOT to get on top of the first tank.

Aim; Here is where you want to be.

On the very top of the first tank you can pickup 2 SWITCH BOMBS and an OIL CARTRIDGE. Use the HOOK SHOT to get onto the top of the second tank where you can collect 3 TIME BOMBS and the BOTTLE (EMPTY). Use the HOOK SHOT a third time to get onto the final tank and pickup the SILVER KEY CARD. Staying on top of the tank, head over the the oil flowing from the broken pipe.

Item; Be sure not to miss the SILVER KEY CARD.
Collect the oil; Using the BOTTLE (EMPTY) you picked up from the top of the second tank, you can collect oil.

Make your way down to the ground, which is easily done by walking off the edge of the tank without sustaining too much damage. Head to the side of the room where you entered and climb up the stairs and back into the fireball tunnel.

Wait for a fireball to pass and follow it, taking refuge in the area on your right. Wait for a second fireball to pass before again following it up the tunnel until you drop into the pool of water. Swim down and through the passage until you can resurface in the first tunnel.

Hover below the surface until a fireball passes before climbing out and heading in the direction it came from. Hug the wall on the right and take refuge next to the control panels as you wait for another fireball to pass. When the coast is clear, again head in the direction the fireball came from and hug the left wall until you can exit the tunnel, ending up back into the room with the two giant fans.

Either using the HOOK SHOT or by jumping up via the rocks, make your way back to the point of the room where you earlier used the switch to turn off the giant fans. Head up the incline and climb up the silver ladder. Once on the balcony proceed through the double doors.

Note that in this new room landing on the blue parts of the floor beneath you will result in death. On the right inside this new room is a small platform-type elevator. Use the BOTTLE (WITH OIL)

Fuel the elevator platform; Interact with the oil tank then use the BOTTLE (WITH OIL).

Interact with the control panel on the elevator platform and begin your travel across. About halfway across, drop down to the black rocks below.

Dropping from the elevator platform; Aim for the large rock directly beneath. You won't need to jump.

On the rock surface, pickup 50 CREDITS and and OIL CARTRIDGE. Scanning the room you notice a couple of items on top of a rock situated at the opposite end of the room to where you caught the elevator platform – jump over and collect the two lots of 100 CREDITS. From the top of this rock, get ready to use your HOOK SHOT.

Target; Aim at the platform opposite to the one you were previously stood on.

Approach the double doors and use the SILVER KEY CARD to gain access. In the next room, throw a FREEZE PACK into the stream of lava in front of you before picking up the EMERGENCY SPRAY on the ground to your right.

You now need to proceed to the opposite side of the room using the floating platforms. As soon as you reach the other platform you face your second Guardian battle, so it is advisable to top up on health before heading over.

Second Guardian; He's a big boy and he can jump, but isn't that difficult to take down.

Equip the ANTIQUE GUN for this battle, and keep your distance. The Guardian’s fire attack is easily avoided due to it’s short range, however the Guardian’s other attack – which is a giant lava ball – is harder to dodge, as it is fired whilst the Guardian is in the air and sometimes off-screen. The Guardian will also squash you to death if it lands on you.

Around fifteen shots with the ANTIQUE GUN should dispatch the Guardian. The central column provides a good shield behind which you can reload.

When the Guardian explodes, he leaves behind the HEAT PROOF SUIT. There is also an EXTINGUISHING SPRAY on the platform’s edge closest to the lava that you can pickup if you didn’t do so during the fight. When you’re done, interact with the double doors. 

Navarro's mission complete; Once you reach and interact with the final double doors, you'll need to use the TRANSCEIVER to call Acarno as you prepare for the third and final mission of Episode 2.