[Episode 2] Boss Fight: Kondo

[Episode 2] Boss Fight: Kondo


After successfully defeating all three Guardians, the team reunites to finish infiltrating the Pagoda. Unfortunately they soon find themselves faced once again with Kondo.

As Chris and Navarro escape, it’s down to Acarno to face off with Kondo in order to complete Episode 2.


Kondo; Time for another battle.

Equip the LIGHT SABRE (or SUPER LIGHT SABRE if you’re feeling fancy) to face off with Kondo. Although he is physically harder to take down than all the bosses encountered so far, you only have to land enough blows to half his health bar. 

You will need to get up close, take a few shots and potentially retreat to use health items if you are hit. Eight or nine hits should be enough. If you hit him fast enough, it may cause him to glitch slightly and stop moving around making it easier to keep landing extra blows.

Cut scene

Episode 2; Complete.