[Episode 3] Investigating Project Meridian

[Episode 3] Investigating Project Meridian


After successfully infiltrating the Pagoda in in the previous Episode, Acarno and the team are now aware of Project Meridian. The team now turns their focus to finding out more about where a vessel of that size could be hiding; “We’ve got to find that ship!”.

To progress any further you must investigate Meridian, and luckily there is a resident located in East Edge City who can help…


After the cut scene, you need more information on Project Meridian before we can go any further, so exit D-NA Bar. First of all, let’s go and see our friend Siver Otakki – follow the directions below;

1; From D-NA Bar, head to the left side of the screen, past the robot outside the bar.
2; Head to the top left of your screen at Under Clock Tower.
3; Arrive at Basilica Intersection.

When you arrive at Bascillia Intersection, locate Siver Otakki and he will ask you another question. You’ll win another prize if you give the correct answer.

Siver Otakki; Answer with "Tim Barton" and receive 2 MAGAZINE CARTRIDGES.

Following your interaction with Siver, you need to head to Muromachi Shop to purchase some particular footwear. Head towards the bottom of your screen of your screen and follow the directions;

1; Arrive at Temjin Burger and head towards the top left of your screen.
2; Arrive at the Entrance Muromachi Shop and head inside.

Inside the shop, head over to the counter and talk to the robot.

Inside Muromachi Shop; Sell any DIAMONDS, EMERALDS and GEO STONES you picked up during Episode 2. Next, purchase the SHOCK ABSORBER BOOTS.

To the left of the counter you will notice a door which says "Gentleman", behind which is a man selling various jacket types. It is highly recommended you purchase the SHIELD JACKET (now if you have the money, or on a future return to East Edge if you don't have the funds. In addition to protecting you from damage, it also allows you to extend the length and height of your jumps by blacing bombs on the floor and detonating them while stood on top - not only is this helpful, it also avoids having to use INSTANT PLATES which deduct 10 CP every time one is used (and are quite hard to come by if you use them a lot)

Now its time to go and speak to our friend down at North East Wharf again  – this time to find out more information about Project Meridian. Follow the directions below;

1; Start at Muromachi Shop and head to the right of the screen..
2; Arrive at Temjin Burger and head all the way down to the bottom of the screen.
3; At D-NA Bar, head to the right side of the screen and down the stairs.
4; At the Harbour Steps, head to the left side of the screen.
5; Arrive at North East Wharf.

Head over to the man walking around and talk to him.

Gathering intel; The man advises on your next destination.

As suggested, your next destination is the Pumpkin Hall – follow the directions below;

1; Start at North East Wharf.
2; At the Harbour Steps, head up the stairs.
3; At D-NA Bar, head around the back of the bar towards the top of the screen.
4; Arrive at Pumpkin Hall Entrance. Head inside the building.

Talk to the bar man and he will point out the person you are here to see.

Figaro; He's the one passed out on the table. Head over and talk to him.

Cut scene

After meeting Figaro, it’s time to head back to the team at D-NA Bar and share what you’ve found with the team – follow the directions below;

1; From the Entrance to Figaro's Place, head towards the screen.
2; Arriving on Main Street, head towards the right of the screen.
3; From Basilica Intersection, head to the right of the screen.
4; Continue heading to the right of the screen at Under Clock Tower.
5; At D-NA Bar, head inside the building.

Cut scene

Following the discussion with Raz and the others, there is no need to stay in East Edge City any longer – interact with one of your team members and select “Launch the attack!”.

Cut scene

Team member selection; Although you can choose between the same three playable charachters as in the last Episode, just select Acarno.

Cut scene