[Episode 3] Subway Entrance & Train Ride

[Episode 3] Subway Entrance & Train Ride


After meeting Figaro the treasure hunter Acarno learns of a vast underground space right underneath East Edge City. This – along with other information gathered by the rest of the team – points towards the subway, specifically a section called “D5”.

Starting in the subway, you must find a way to progress further underground.


You will emerge as Acarno (or whichever character you chose) in the Subway – ensure the GRAVITY CONTROLLER is turned on. First of all, there are some items to collect;

Item; Approach the column in front of you. Jump on top of the trash can attached to the column to pick up the 3 GRENADES.
Item; Approach the second column and jump on top of the attached trash can to pick up the MAGAZINE CARTRIDGE.
Item; In-between the second and third columns is a bench with a semi-naked man sleeping on it. Examine the man and get the SUBWAY KEY CARD.
Item; Approach the third column. Jump on top of the trash can a to pick up the 2 BURST BOMBS.
Item; Approach the fourth and final column. Jump on the trash can to pickup the FREEZE PACK.
Control panel; Facing the stairs at the opposite end of the room to where you entered, drop down to the track on the right. Head over to the control panel next to the pink laser gate and use the SUBWAY KEY CARD

Head into the newly-opened subway tunnel, and once inside follow the track. Pickup the 2 EMERGENCY SPRAYS3 SWITCH BOMBS and 2 ENERGY PACKS on your way around the bend. Now would be a good time to save your progress as the next section can be tricky. After saving, head straight on as the tunnel opens up.

Cut scene

Following the cut scene, you regain control of Acarno on the train and will notice a 60 second timer in the top-right corner of the screen – when the countdown is complete you will have arrived at your destination.

While it’s possible to simply let the timer run out, there are 9 items you can collect on the train during this time. Getting all of them is quite tricky, so if you are aiming for all 9 items and do not have the GRAVTY CONTROLLER turned on before the timer starts, you may as well load up that save file because it’s impossible – every second counts. If you’re aiming for the best possible CP score (i.e. fewest number of deaths), you may need to load up your save file instead of wasting multiple retries.

It’s important to note there are several overhead pipes that will kill you instantly if not avoided. The lower pipes must be jumped over, while the higher pipes can simply be avoided by running underneath.

Start off by picking up the two separate EXTINGUISHING SPRAYS and the EMERGENCY SPRAY on the train floor in front of you. Jump onto the roof of the front of the train.

Step 1; Jumping directly to the roof will save a few seconds if you're aiming for all 9 items. Run towards the front of the train.
Step 2; Pick up the LASER GUN on the nose of the train, and (without falling off the front) remain there until a pipe passes overhead before running in the opposite direction to the one the train is travelling. Jump onto the raised part of the train roof before jumping over the gap onto the first carriage.
Step 3; Pick up 2 ENERGY PACKS on the first carriage before continuing in the same direction and dropping into the gap between carriages. You should have enough time to do this without getting caught out by the pipes.
Step 4; Pick up 500 CREDITS in between the carriages carriages. Continuing in the same direction, head halfway up the ladder attached to the carriage and wait for another overhead pipe to pass before climbing the rest of the way up onto the roof of the next carriage.
Step 5; Pick up 2 MAGAZINE CARTRIDGES on the carriage roof before continuing in the same direction and dropping into the gap between carriages. Again, you should have enough time to make it without worrying about the pipes overhead.
Step 6; Pick up another 500 CREDITS in between the carriages. Repeating the same process as before, head halfway up the ladder attached to the final carriage and wait for a pipe to pass overhead.
Step 7; In order to pick up the final item - 2 SWITCH BOMBS - you may need to rotate your camera to see any on-coming pipes that must be jumped over. You should be able to grab it with around 2-4 seconds to spare. Any faster and you're a better human than I am.

Cut scene