[Episode 3] The Subway Train Ride

[Episode 3] The Subway Train Ride


After finding his was into the Subway, Acarno hitches a ride on a train in order to head deeper underground.

Simply allow the 60 second timer to run out before you can progress further, while picking up a few items scattered around the train.

Following the cut scene, you regain control of Acarno on the train – if you did not save your progress prior to the train ride it would be advisable to do so now, as this section can be tricky.

Note that the train ride will end when the 60 second timer in the top-right of the screen ends, so prepare to move quickly and ensure the GRAVTY CONTROLLER is turned on. In total there are 9 items to collect on the train, however getting them all within the time limit is very difficult. If you’re aiming for the best possible score and to collect all items on the train, you may need to load up your save file instead of wasting multiple retries.

Firstly it’s advisable to collect the only significant item on the train first, so when you’re ready, pickup the two separate EXTINGUISHING SPRAYS and the EMERGENCY SPRAY on the train floor in front of you before climbing onto the train as shown below.

Ladder; Climb up onto the top of the train carriages. Note that once on top of the train, there are beams will kill you instantly if you do not jump over them as they approach, so rotate the camera so it faces the front of the train as you move and time your jumps.
Jump; Face the front of the train and (avoiding the pipes overhead), jump across to front of the train.
Item; Head towards the nose of the train and pick up the LASER GUN.

After collecting the LASER GUN you have picked up the most important item on the train. You can now either wait for the timer to run out, or if you’re feeling up to it then you can make your way back to the train carriages to collect 5 additional items which are located both in between and on top of the carriages.

Item; There is 2 ENERGY PACKS on top of the first carriage.
Item; Head along the roof of the carriages and drop between the carriages to pick up 500 CREDITS before climbing up the ladder onto the next carriage.
Item; Continue along the carriage roof and pick up 2 MAGAZINE CARTRIDGES and continue heading towards the back of the train.
Item; Drop between the carriages and pick up 500 CREDITS. Head up the ladder onto the next carriage.
Item; On top of the carriage, pick up the final item - 2 SWITCH BOMBS.

Wait for the timer to expire.

Cut scene