[Episode 3] The Terminus

After hitching a ride on the subway train, Acarno arrives at the Terminus, allowing him to disembark.

[Episode 3] The Underground Terminus


After hitching a ride on the subway train, Acarno arrives at the Terminus, allowing him to disembark.

You must find the Red Key Card in order to access the first of 3 card-locked doors in the Underground Space and locate the target for the Plasma Bomb to be detonated.


Upon arrival, turn on the GRAVITY CONTROLLER. First there are a few items to collect (note that the items on the train from the previous section can no longer be collected);

Item; Before dismounting the train pick up the 5 TIME BOMBS on the floor.
Item; Dismount the train and head towards the end carriage to 50 CREDITS are on the floor behind the train.
Item; There is a second train track that runs parallel to the one you arrived on, with no train on. Head over and there are two items to collecting. The first of which is 2 EMERGENCY SPRAYS.
Item; At the opposite end of tracks, pick up 2 EXTINGUISHING SPRAYS.
Item; Move towards the front of the train you arrived on and on the wall behind it you'll notice a yellow alcove. Jump up and collect the RED KEY CARD.

Drop out of the alcove and head left towards the opposite end of the room and you will see a second yellow alcove – however this one cannot be reached with a jump. You will need to set a TIMB BOMB on the floor underneath the alcove and wait for it to blast you upwards, giving you enough height to reach – if you bought the SHIELD JACKET earlier, put it on to reduce the amount of damage the blast inflicts.

Items; Collect 3 TIME BOMBS and 2375 CREDITS.

Drop out of the alcove and proceed to the corner of the room diagonally opposite to the one you’re in. Spot the bright looking square door on the opposite wall at ground level. Head over to it and take the doors out with your HAND BAZOOKA.

Door; This is the door you're looking for. The HAND BAZOOKA takes it out in one shot. If you don't have this weapon or are out of ammo, use multiple explosives at once to take out the door.

Access the bright yellow control panel that has been revealed and then head through the newly-opened gate. In the next room, there are a few items to collect after Snooper’s brief interruption;

Item; Head left around the vehicle to Acarno's right and pickup the BOTTLE (WITH OIL) on the ground.
Item; Equip the ANTIQUE GUN and shoot the glass door on the vehicle's cab. Head inside and pick up the KEY FOR THE OPERATING TRAILER. Shoot out the additional windows for CP if you want.
Item; Between the two cabins in front of the vehicle, pick up the DIAMOND (note that this will instead be the RED KEY CARD if you failed to pick it up in the previous room). Take a couple of steps forward and place a TIME BOMB on the ground in order to blow the doors off of the cabins.
Item; Once the doors are gone, collect the MAGNUM SHELL and 3 SWITCH BOMBS in the first cabin, and the SILVER KEY CARD in the second.
Items; Jump onto the rusty-looking crates in the room and place a TIME BOMB in the spot shown here to reveal another open cabin.
Items; Pick up 3 TIME BOMBS and 5 GRENADES inside.

Now that you’ve collected all the items, head to the corner of the room behind the vehicle and you will find some stairs to descend.

Stairs; Look for the large numbers on the floor which read "030202".

You will emerge on a silver staircase with blue guard rail – equip the SHOCK ABSORBER BOOTS. Look over the left hand side you will spot another yellow alcove on the wall. Jump over the guard rail and float down either onto the grey pipe or into the alcove itself to pickup an item.

Item; Pick up the FREEZE PACK.

Drop out of the alcove onto the pipe below, and then on to the circular grey walkway below. Head around the walkway until you are stood underneath another overhead pipe. Jump up onto the pipe.

Item; Once on the pipe, head over to another yellow alcove attached to the outer wall of the room and pick up the BAZOOKA ROUND.

Drop into the water below, climb out using the ladder and head roughly halfway up the silver staircase and you will notice another overhead pipe. Follow the steps below to get onto the pipe;

Starting position; The overhead pipe is just out of reach even with the GRAVITY CONTROLLER turned on, unless you first jump onto the blue guard rail.
Item; Pull yourself up onto the pipe. Carefully make your way along the pipe towards the outer wall of the room and jump up into another yellow alcove to pick up the BIG MAGNUM.
Item; Drop back down onto the pipe and collect the BAZOOKA ROUND.

Carefully drop into the water below. Exit the water once again using the ladder and head left around the walkway until you come to a big red door.

The red door; Use the RED KEY CARD.