[Episode 3] The Red Door

After passing through the Terminus and locating the Underground Space, Acarno must investigate the first of three key card locked doors.

[Episode 3] The Red Door


After passing through the Terminus and locating the Underground Space, Acarno must investigate the first of three key card locked doors.

After using the Red Key Card to gain access to the first door, you must progress through the room beyond in order to find a good place to plant the Plasma Bomb.


Behind the red door is a bridge encased in a glass tube. Equip the BIG MAGNUM and run straight across and into the dark opening in front of you.

In the next room you will immediately be faced with two enemy robots following a brief interaction with Snooper. The easiest way to take out the robots is to run out of their view, which will cause them to simply stand either side of the entrance to the room – this allows you to shoot them from a reasonable distance without even prompting a response. Four shots per robot will be enough.

Note that the robots sometimes drop items – there appears to be no logic to this, the game simply decides if it wants to drop them or not. They are never key items, so don’t worry if you don’t get anything.

To one side of the room there is another cargo vehicle with penetrable rear doors you can remove in order to gain some items.

Doors; Take them out with a bomb.
Items; Examine the crate inside the vehicle to collect 3 GRENADES, 3 TIME BOMBS and 3 SWITCH BOMBS.

Jump on top of the vehicle and equip the SPIKED BOOTS. Standing on the back of the vehicle turn to face the large, dormant robot in the middle of the room. Jump as shown below;

Start; Jump from this corner of the vehicle's roof. Wearing the SPIKED BOOTS will help stop you from slipping off the robot.
Upwards; Head up the robot's arm and pick up 3 TIME BOMBS on it's shoulder joint. After picking up the item, place an explosive down to remove the robot's arm.
Item; Pick up 3 SWITCH BOMBS in the middle of the robot.
Second explosive; Climb on top of the robot's remaining shoulder joint and use an explosive to remove it.
Third explosion; Place a third explosive on the nose of the robot in order to reveal a cockpit where you can collect 3 GRENADES.
Fourth explosion; Standing on the top of the robot - at the opposite side to the cockpit - place two separate GRENADES on the ground (ensure you use the "Put" option when doing this via the inventory) before placing a third explosive which allows you to get a safe distance away.
Hidden item; Approach the luminescent green box and collect the BATTERY PACK.

Now that both arms have been removed, an item is revealed on each side of the robot – see below;

Side 1; MAGNUM SHELL. Note that you will want to jump back onto the top of the robot to make your way to the other side, as you cannot jump back up without first exploding the cockpit in order to reveal a spot to use the HOOK SHOT - which is totally avoidable.
Side 2; Another MAGNUM SHELL.

After collecting all of the items the robot has to offer, leave the room the same way you came in and emerge in the glass tunnel again.

Break the glass; Take a step forwards into the glass tunnel and set an explosive on the ground that allows you to get out of harm's way before going off. Once detonated, this will take out a portion of the bridge. From the remaining part of the bridge, jump towards the yellow wall and you wil land on a ledge - note that aiming for the wall will break your fall, allowing you to not take any damage.
Ledge; Moving along the ledge you will find 100 CREDITS and a HEAT PACK.
Item; Jump into the water below and collect 2 GEO STONES.
Climb out; Climb out of the water - note this is only possible at one side.
Awkward jump; After exiting the water, jump back out towards it and turn around in mid-air to grab the ledge immediatley above.
Small ledges; You will notice several small ledges sticking out from the yellow wall you're stood next to. Jump onto the lowest one and make your way across them until you are stood on top of (what remains of) the glass tunnel.
Drop down; Drop into the opening of the glass bridge. Exit the room and back into the room with the different coloured doors.
Silver door; Approach the silver door and use the SILVER KEY CARD to gain entry.

Secret; After successfully navigating the area behind the red door, your next stop is the silver door to use the relevant key card. There is however something else you can do before this if you are true “completionist”; it involves back-tracking to the room at the top of the long staircase in order to operate the trailer for which you found a KEY FOR OPERATING TRAILER earlier along with the BOTTLE (WITH OIL). If you have these two items, plus the ENERGY PACK from beyond the red door, you are able to raise the trailer.

The only thing to be gained from this is another BOTTLE (WITH OIL), which offers no real use other than allowing you to use another trailer later in the game – meaning that back-tracking to operate the first trailer is a total waste of time.

Or you could save yourself the hassle and just watch the above video taken from the OverBlood2.com YouTube channel.