[Episode 3] The Red Door

[Episode 3] The Red Door


After passing through the Terminus and locating the Underground Space, Acarno must investigate the first of three key card locked doors.

After using the Red Key Card to gain access to the first door, you must progress through the room beyond in order to find the next key card.

Behind the red door is a bridge encased in a glass tube. Equip the BIG MAGNUM and run straight across and into the dark opening in front of you.

In the next room you will immediately be faced with two enemy robots following a brief interaction with Snooper. The easiest way to take out the robots is to run out of their view, which will cause them to simply stand either side of the entrance to the room – this allows you to shoot them from a reasonable distance without even prompting a response. Four shots per robot will be enough.

To one side of the room there is another cargo vehicle with explodable rear doors in order to gain some items.

Doors; Take them out.
Items; Examine the crate inside the vehicle to collect 3 GRENADES, 3 TIME BOMBS and 3 SWITCH BOMBS.

Jump on top of the vehicle and equip the SPIKED BOOTS. Standing on the back of the vehicle turn to face the large, dormant robot in the middle of the room. Jump as shown below;

Start; Jump from this corner of the vehicle's roof. Wearing the SPIKED BOOTS will help stop you from slipping off the robot.
Second jump; Proceed up the robot's arm, and then jump across to the clearly visible item on the mid-section. You may notice an item once you land, however this can't be picked up just yet.
Item; Jump up to the top of the robot and pick up 3 SWITCH BOMBS
Item; On top of the robot's left shoulder is a second item - 3 TIME BOMBS

Once both items have been collected, you next need to blow up three separate parts of the robot to reveal three more items – see below;

Take out the robot's arms; Simply drop an explosive on top of the robot's shoulder joint and stand clear. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the robot to remove it's other arm.
Final explosion; Once the robot's arms are gone, set off one final explosive on top of the little white arrow on top of the robot. Again, stand well clear.

After dismantling the robot, there are now some more items to collect;

Item; Pick up 3 GRENADES from inside the cockpit.
Item; Drop halfway down the robot on either side and land on the top of it's leg to pick up the MAGNUM SHELL.
Item; Jump back on top of the robot, head across and drop down to it's opposite leg to collect a second MAGNUM SHELL.

Drop carefully to the floor and exit the room back onto the bridge encased in the glass tube. You’ll notice when looking at the glass tube it is divided into three sections. Stand in the middle of the three sections equip the HAND BAZOOKA.

Break the glass; Stand with Acarno's back to one side of the glass and shoot the opposite side with the HAND BAZOOKA, causing the middle section of the bridge to explode. This sends you into the water below.
Items; Collect the 2 GEM STONES to collect in the water. Resurface once you have them.
Ledge; Exit the water - note that It is only possible to climb out at one side.
Take aim; Equip the HOOK SHOT and aim for the remaining section of the glass bridge on the opposite side of the water to the one Acarno is stood on.
Back on the bridge; Position Acarno on the side of the bridge still attached to the wall, equip the HAND BAZOOKA and take out the glass once again.
Second ledge; As the bridge explodes, Acarno should land on a ledge below. Moving along the ledge you will find 100 CREDITS and a HEAT PACK.

After collecting the final two items on the ledge, use the HOOK SHOT to exit this room via the doorway you originally entered using the Red Door. Once back in the room with the four coloured doors, head over to the silver door.

Silver door; Use the SILVER KEY CARD to gain entry.