[Episode 3] The Silver Door

Acarno must now explore the second of three card locked doors - this time silver - after failing to find the right location to detonate the Plasma Bomb behind the red door.

[Episode 3] The Silver Door


Acarno must now explore the second of three card locked doors – this time silver – after failing to find the right location to detonate the Plasma Bomb behind the red door.

Progress through this section to find another key card that allows you to access the third and final door, which is gold.


Emerge in a familiar looking bridge encased in glass. Equip the BIG MAGNUM and head through the opening on the other side of the bridge. Following another brief interaction with Snooper, two more robots identical to the ones encountered previously will appear. Run out of sight of the robots, and carefully make your way to the crate that is nearest to the door.

Item; Jump on top of the red crate closest to the entrance of the room to pick up an INSTANT PLATE. Be careful though, as soon as you jump onto the crate the robots will be alerted and start shooting you - if they do this before you pick up the item, it will be destroyed.

Once you’ve grabbed the INSTANT PLATE from atop the crate, turn your attention to taking out the robots – four shots per robot with the BIG MAGNUM is enough to take them out. Collect any items dropped by the robots and put your weapon away before locating two further INSTANT PLATES in the room.

Item; There is a second INSTANT PLATE on top of the red crate next to the small crane.
Item; There is a third INSTANT PLATE on the floor between the two red crates at the opposite side of the room to the entrance.

You now need to get onto the large structure in the middle of the room. Equip the SHOCK ABSORBER boots and follow the instructions below;

Where to jump from; Jump on top of the crate closest to the central structure - this is found where you previously picked up the third INSTANT PLATE just now.
Item; Head towards the opposite second of the central structure and pick up the FREEZE PACK.
Jumping from the central structure; Standing in the middle of the central structure you will see a platform which can be jumped to. You will need to jump and grab the platform before pulling yourself up. If you are struggling with the distance of the jump, use an INSTANT PLATE to advance across.
Item; Once on top of the platform, jump onto and head up the slope in front of you. At the top you will notice a smaller platform protruding below. Drop down and pick up the SWITCH BOMB.
Control panel; Interact with the control panel.

Interacting with the control panel will cause part of the platform to fall to the floor. Ensuring the SHOCK ABSORBER boots are equipped and jump off the small platform onto the floor. Approach and jump onto the part of the platform that just fell to the ground to collect an item.

Item; The GOLD KEY CARD is now accessible.

Return to the top of the red crate you originally used to jump onto the central structure. Jump across and set an explosive on top in order to destroy the end of the structure.

Item; Once the end of the structure has been blown up, you can pick up the MAGAZINE CARTRIDGE on top of the second pillar.
Item; Jump across and pick up the EXTINGUISHING SPRAY in front of the black hole.

Make your way towards the entrance of the room and face the short end of the central structure.

Aim; Equip the HAND BAZOOKA and aim for this spot.
Item; Jump on top of the first pillar and pick up the DIAMOND.
Item; Jump towards the large red light ahead and collect 2 GRENADES.

Exit the room the same way you came in and once again emerge in the glass tube bridge. Before exiting there are some more items to collect. Start by blowing up a section of the glass bridge and drop into the water below.

Item; Collect 50 CREDITS in the water.
Item; Also in the water is 3 GEO STONES.
Exit the water; Climb out at the only side of the water it is possible.
Jump; Make your way to the ledge above by jumping out above the water and turning in mid-air.
Head upwards; There is a secret item to collect - facing the water, head to Acarno's left until you reach the edge of the ledge and place two explosives on the ground. When the bombs go off you should be propelled high enough to reach another ledge.
Secret item; Pick up the MACHINE GUN CARTRIDGE.
Item; Pick up the EMERGENCY SPRAY from the top of the bridge.

Drop down into the glass tube bridge and exit to the room with the coloured doors and head over to the gold one.

The gold door; Use the GOLD KEY CARD.