[Episode 3] The Gold Door

[Episode 3] The Gold Door


After exploring what was behind both the red and silver doors, Acarno and Snooper have one final door to unlock in order to find a location to detonate the Plasma Bomb.

Unsurprisingly, the detonation spot is behind the (third and final) gold door. To progress you must find the right location.


There are some items collect in this room before proceeding any further;

Item; Pick up the EMERALD in front of you.
Item; Jump on top of the bridge you are currently stood on. Facing the wall you will notice a small grey ledge sticking out to the left - jump across to it pick up the SWITCH BOMB.
Item; Jump into the water and collect 500 CREDITS.
Climb out; Exit the water using the yellow ledge.
Going up; Jump to the ledge above and use the smaller ledges sticking out of the yellow wall to make your way onto the top of the glass tube bridge.
Item; Use the HOOK SHOT to get to the opening on the opposite side of the room. By not grabbing the ledge you will drop to the grey walkway below.
Item; Head left around the walkway and pick up the GRENADE at the end.
Bomb trick; To avoid using the HOOK SHOT to gain access to the opening above, simply place an explosive on the ground below and you should get more than enough height to make your way up.
Item; Pick up the GEO STONE on the ground before entering the opening

Cut scene

There are some items to collect before making your way up-to the Anti Proton Core suspended from the ceiling in order to detonate the PLASMA BOMB;

Iem; To your left, there is a ladder attached to the wall. Head to the top and pick up the DIAMOND inside the alcove.
Items; Climb down the ladder and jump on top of the crate in the middle of the room to pick up 100 CREDITS.
Items; Heading towards the parked trailer, pick up the ENERGY PACK on the ground.
Items; Head behind the trailer and take out the bottom of the two stacked crated with an explosive, allowing you to jump on top and pick up 80 CREDITS.
Ad the oil; Head to the closest side of the trailer and locate the oil nozzle. Use the BOTTLE (WITH OIL).
Fit the battery pack; Move around to the opposite side of the trailer and fit the BATTERY PACK.
In the cab; Shoot out the glass on the trailer cabin doors and use the KEY FOR OPERATING TRAILER on the dashboard. Once used, interact with the dashboard again and select to "Turn on the switch for the platform". Note, this will raise the back of the trailer, so make your way onto it quickly before it's out of reach. If you miss, simply hit the switch in the cabin again.
Items; There are two items to pick up on the back on the trailer - an EMERGENCY SPRAY and also a MACHINE GUN CARTRIDGE
Jump; From the edge of the trailer, jump across to the Anti Proton Core being careful not to slip off.
Detonation time; Approach the edge of the Anti Proton Core once on top and you will be prompted to use the PLASMA BOMB.

Once the PLASMA BOMB has been set, a countdown timer will appear – simply wait for it to run out.

Cut scene

Following the successful detonation of the Plasma Bomb in The Underground Space, Sperio appears on his junk blade in order to try and foil Acarno’s escape.

You must take our Sperio before you can progress any further.

Sperio; Another fairly simple boss fight.

Distance yourself from Sperio by running away and equip the BIG MAGNUM. Landing four shots on Sperio should be enough to take him out.

Cut scene

Item; Collect the 1000 CREDITS left behind by Sperio.
Junk blade; Head over to the junk blade to escape (the vehicle Sperio arrived on).

Cut scene

Following the cutscene, you will be given instructions on how to control the junk blade before you begin your escape from The Undeground Space.

Instructions; How to control the junk blade.

The chase lasts around sixty seconds. Try your best to avoid the walls on both sides of the tunnel and the rocks sticking out of the water. Although you may sustain several blows along the way, you should easily be able to sustain some damage and still progress.

Cut scene

Episode 3; Complete.