[Episode 3] Escaping on the Junk Blade

[Episode 3] Escaping on the Junk Blade


After detonating the Plasma Bomb and defeating Sperio, Acarno has the chance to escape the Underground Space on a junk blade.

You will have to race your way to safety to progress any further, gaining a new ally in the process.

Following the cutscene, you will be given instructions on how to control the junk blade before you begin your escape from The Undeground Space.

Instructions; How to control the junk blade.

The chase lasts around sixty seconds. Try your best to avoid the walls on both sides of the tunnel and the rocks sticking out of the water. Although you will no doubt sustain several blows along the way, you should easily be able to sustain some damage and still progress.

Cut scene

Episode 3; Complete.