[Episode 4] Return to East Edge with Hosaka

[Episode 4] Return to East Edge with Hosaka


After meeting Hosaka and introducing him to the team, we learn about the “Hull Drive” more about Hayano’s activities. Hosaka also reveals himself as the young boy who helped Raz, Navarro and Veltor all those years ago.

There are a few small tasks to complete before heading to the Aqua Liberty Ballroom as instructed by Hosaka.

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When you regain control of Acarno in D-NA Bar after introducing Hosaka to the team, you will need to buy the DANCE OUTFIT before you can proceed any further. Exit the bar and follow the directions below;

1; Starting at D-NA Bar, head to the left of your screen past the robot outside.
2; Arriving at Under Clock Tower, head to the left of your screen.
3; You're now at Basilica Intersection. As previously, locate Siver Otakki who has another question for you as he did during your last visit to the city. Answer with "Ghizaro Heiward" to get the WOLF JACKET.

When you are finished, head to the left of your screen.
4; Head towards the left of your screen on Main Street.
5; You're now at The End of Urine Alley. Head to the top of your screen and take a left.
6; You have now arrived at Array Bridge Intersection. Locate the doorway underneath the green and red lights and enter the building.
7; Inside the building head up the stairs and take a left at the top. Interact with the woman and sell the GEO STONES, EMERALD and any DIAMONDS. Next, purchase the DANCE OUTFIT, and then exit the store.

Note that there is an easter egg in this store which can be triggered by shooting the glass dividers in the building and then interacting with the woman who will say "Hey, it's OK about the stuff you have broken, but you must pay for it". You will then be charged 1000 CREDITS.
8; Outside the shop at Array Bridge Intersection, head towards the top right of your screen.
9; At The End of Urine Alley, head towards the bottom of the screen.
10; At Main Street, head up the alley in the centre of the screen.
11; At the Entrance to Figaro's Place, head towards the end of the alley.
12; Arriving at Subway Station Alley you will unlock a hidden cut scene featuring an encounter between the Police and a man. Following the cut scene, head towards the bottom of the screen.
13; At Subway Station Intersection head towards the bottom right of the screen.
14; At the Entrance to Pumpkin Hall head towards the right of the screen.
15; Arriving back at D-NA Bar, take the stairs on the right of the screen.
16; At the Harbour Steps, head to the right of your screen.
17; Enter the building when you arrive at Museum of East Edge. Both the 2nd and 3rd Cinema Specials are now unlocked at once. After watching the movies, exit the building and head to the bottom of the screen.
18; At the Harbour Steps, head up the stairs.
19; Arrive back at D-NA Bar again and head back inside.

Back inside D-NA Bar equip the DANCE OUTFIT and interact with Hosaka who is sat at the bar and select; “Okay, we’re ready. Let’s start”.

Cut scene