[Episode 4] The Dance

[Episode 4] The Dance


Acarno and Hosaka arrive at The Aqua Libery Ballroom in order to retrieve a chip from Hosaka’s ally, Carren.

In order to progress any further, Acarno must complete a dance with Carren in order to gain the chip in plain sight.

When prompted, select the difficulty of dance you’d like to attempt – note that by selecting “Let’s take it easy”, you will not be able to score the best Rank and maximum amount of Clear Point, which affects the likelihood you will unlock the Episode 8.

Dance; Select your difficulty.

To complete the dance, simply hit the buttons as they appear between the arrows on-screen. If you are struggling to complete the dance, there is a cheat; When the music starts hold L1 + L2 + R2 + R1 + Square + Triangle + Circle + X until the dance is over. Note that using the cheat will give you a 100% score for completing the dance.

Cut scene