[Episode 4] Escaping the Aqua Liberty

[Episode 4] Escaping the Aqua Liberty


Following his dance with Carren, Acarno and Hosaka’s cover is blown. This results in Gartlude and his friends trying to take them out.

To escape successfully you must evade the guards, take out Gartlude and follow Hosaka into the shuttle before it’s departure in order to escape and return to East Edge safely.

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You will regain control of Acarno in a hallway being chased by several guards. Ignore the shots and run forwards, as these enemies re-spawn infinitely. Keep running forwards, past the blue and pink hologram in front of you (turning left or right will result in game over), and into the black opening at the end of the hallway.

Emerging in the next room, take cover behind the three pillars on the right hand side – the guards will continue to shoot, but not follow you around the pillars which will allow you enough time to restore your health.

There are now some secret items to collect – start by equipping the SHEILD JACKET, SHOCK ABSORBER BOOTS and ensure the GRAVITY CONTROLLER is turned on.

Bomb placement; Place two explosives in front of the pillar closest to the escalators (as it is the shortest of the three). Stand over the explosives and detonate them, giving you enough height to reach the top of the first pillar. Turn to face the second pillar, place a single explosive on the ground and after detonating you will have enough height and distance to reach the second pillar.
Item; Pick up 10 BUST BOMBS from on top of the second pillar. Place another single explosive on the ground and use it to get on top of the third pillar - note that you do not need to jump during this detonation, as this will cause you to hit the ceiling and see you plunge to the floor.
Item; Pick up the EMERALD on top of the third pillar. You will now need to make your way to the three pillars on the opposite side of the room and repeat the same process to collect the remaining items.
Item; On top of the second mid-sized pillar you will pick up 10 GRENADES.
Item; On top of the very last pillar you will pick up the BAT MANIAC OUTFIT.
Exit; You may want to restore your health before proceeding if it's low. Drop to the ground and head up the escalator on the left side of the room (closes to the pillars you have just jumped down from) and into the opening at the top.

Cut scene

You must now take out Gartlude out before the timer expires – he is easily dealt with the BIG MAGNUM.

Gartlude; Watch out for his shotgun, as it can do some damage.

Cut scene

Item; Once the fight is over, pick up the 2050 CREDITS dropped by Gartlude.
Shuttle; Follow Hosaka into the shuttle. Head up the stairs and into the open shuttle door before the timer runs out.

Cut scene

Episode 4; Complete