[Episode 5] Welcome to the Jungle

[Episode 5] Welcome to the Jungle


As Navarro and Raz remain working on the Hull Drive, Hosaka escorts Acarno and Chris to the perimeter of the jungle in order to begin their advance on Jamelgalda Prison.

Acarno and Chris must take separate routes to aid each others progress through the jungle en route to the prison. Their first job is to disable a large device which is preventing anti-gravity technology (such as the Anti Gravity Controller for example) from being used –  while avoiding the numerous hazards en route.


Towards the end of the cut scene you will be prompted to choose which route through the jungle Acarno and Chris should take. As only Acarno can equip helpful items such as the WET SUIT, choose him to take the “West route”.

West route; Select Acarno for this.

Select “It’s OK” when prompted.

Cut scene

You begin as Acarno taking the West route through the jungle – note that the GRAVITY CONTROLLER will not work for the time-being. Head to Acarno’s right and through the passage between the trees.

Passage; There is a gap between the trees. Head through.

Emerging in a new area, ensure that the SHOCK ABSORBER boots are equipped as there are hidden explosives in the ground – these are best avoided altogether by sticking to the left hand side of the clearing. There are a couple of items to collect as you progress;

Item; Pick up the EMERGENCY SPRAY in front of the fallen tree.
Item; Jump onto the fallen tree and pick up the OIL CARTRIDGE.
Trap; The black stream in front of you is quicksand. Be sure to jump across - the left hand side is the shortest. Have the ANTIQUE GUN equipped before making the jump across
Robosaurus; The most simple way to deal with this enemy is to fire a few shots into it's backside using the ANTIQUE GUN, which will cause it to give chase. Head back towards the quicksand and wait for the robot to catch up to you before making the leap across. This should cause the robot to run into the quicksand and sink, saving time, ammo, health and also giving out some additional CP.
Item; Jump back across the quicksand and avoid more explosions on the floor. Pick up the EMERALD on the ground as you near the end of the passage.
Character change; This prompt will trigger an automatic switch in characters.

Now playing as Chris, you’ll immediately be presented with instructions on how to drive the boat you find yourself in control of.

Character change; This prompt will trigger an automatic switch in characters.

There is no rush to complete this section, as the CP ranking you are given is based on the amount of health you have left at the end. With this in mind, steadily continue on down the river avoiding the rocks. A couple of minutes later, the boat will come to a stop.

Cut scene

Back in control of Acarno, continue running forwards until you drop off the edge of the cliff and into the water below where you’ll find an item.

Item; Collect the 2 DECOYS in the water.
Aim; On the waters surface use the HOOK SHOT to get up to the cliff above (opposite to the cliff you dropped into the water from). The spot you must aim from (without the game telling you "The hook will not reach" or "there is an obstacle in the way") is quite specific, so you may need to try a few times - try and keep in the centre of the water when taking aim.
Passage; On top of the cliff, head down the passage to your right. Equip the INSULATOR BOOTS and FLAME THROWER before going into the next area.
Roboplant; In the next area you will be confronted by a strange robotic plant-type creature. It sucks you towards it's tentacles which shock you if you do not have the INSULATOR BOOTS equipped. As it's tentacles are not harmful to you, get as close as possible and blast them one by one with the FLAME THROWER, followed by the part of the plant the tentacles were attached too. Don't accidently jump into it's mouth or you will die.
Items; The robotplant reveals three items once it has disintegrated - pick up 1500 CREDITS, 5 GRENADES and 5 TIME BOMBS. Head with the wind into the next area.
Item; In the next area there is an EMERGENCY SPRAY on the ground to Acarno's right.
Item; Head past the opening on the right and continue straight before picking up the 5 SWITCH BOMBS on the ground.
Item; Turn around 180 degrees and head back the way you came, this time taking the opening on the left. Continue forwards and pick up 3 FREEZE PACKS on the ground. Continue forwards into the next area.

In the next area equip the SHOCK ABSORBER boots and PARA JACKET – this will allow you to glide while jumping. Approach the bridge directly in front of you.

Bridge; Walk (don't run) across the bridge and the sixth panel will drop out, sending you plummeting towards the big rock underneath. You will need to plant an explosive on the rock before jumping across to the rocks below (on the opposite side of the water to the one you entered this area) - using a TIME BOMB or SWITCH BOMB will give you enough time to collect the ENERGY PACK on the rock, meaning you don't have to drop back down and use the HOOK SHOT to get back up to the cliffs once you regain control of Acano following Chris' next boat ride.
The path is cleared; Chris can now continue along the river by boat.
On the water again; Once again, slowly navigate the boat down the river avoiding the rocks.

Cut scene

Once Chris has finished talking, head over to the control panel attached to the base of the large anti-gravity defence station.

Cut scene