[Episode 5] Welcome to the Jungle

[Episode 5] Welcome to the Jungle


As Navvaro and Raz remain working on the Hull Drive, Hosaka escorts Acarno and Chris to the jungle in order to begin their advance on Jamelgalda Prison.

Before arriving at the prison, Acarno must navigate the first part of the jungle while avoiding the numerous hazards en route.

Towards the end of the cut scene you will be prompted to choose which route through the jungle Acarno and Chris should take. As only Acarno can equip helpful items such as the WET SUIT, choose him to take the “West route”.

West route; Select Acarno for this.

Select “It’s OK” when prompted.

Cut scene

You begin as Acarno taking the West route through the jungle – note that the GRAVITY CONTROLLER will not work for the time-being. Head to Acarno’s right and through the passage between the trees.

Passage; There is a gap between the trees. Head through.

Emerging in a new area, ensure that the SHOCK ABSORBER boots are equipped as there are hidden explosives in the ground – these are best avoided altogether by sticking to the left hand side of the clearing. There are a couple of items to collect as you progress;

Item; Pick up the EMERGENCY SPRAY in front of the fallen tree.
Item; Jump onto the fallen tree and pick up the OIL CARTRIDGE.
Trap; Continuing in the same direction, drop to the floor - the black stream in front of you is quicksand, so do not fall in. As the GRAVITY CONTROLLER will not work in this part of the jungle, jumping across is impossible - instead throw a FREEZE PACK into the stream, allowing you to cross safely.

Equip the SUPER LIGHT SABRE and ensure it’s fully loaded. Hug the trees to the left (again, avoiding the exploding floor), and spot the on-coming robotic dinosaur.

Robosaurus; The dinosaur is slow and attacks you only at close range by swinging it's head at you. The attacks are easily dodged by moving around, or keeping your back to the trees on either side of the passage which glitches the dinosaurs attacks making you take next to no damage.
Item; Pick up the EMERALD on the ground as you near the end of the passage.
Character change; This prompt will trigger an automatic switch in characters.