[Episode 5] Chris’ Boat Ride

[Episode 5] Chris' Boat Ride


Following Acarno’s successful entry into the depths of the jungle, we check in with Chris who is making her way down the jungle’s South Route via boat.

To complete this short section you will need to navigate Chris’ boat down the river without sustaining too much damage.

Now in control of Chris, you’ll immediately be presented with instructions on how to drive the boat you find yourself in control of.

Character change; This prompt will trigger an automatic switch in characters.

There is no rush to complete this section, as the CP ranking you are given is based on the amount of health you have left at the end. Which this in mind so steadily continue on down the river avoiding the rocks. A couple of minutes later, the boat will come to a stop.

Character change; As Chris cannot continue on any further due to the rocks blocking her path, you'll be reassigned to play as Acarno.