[Episode 5] Back to Acarno in the Jungle

[Episode 5] Back to Acarno in the Jungle


Following a journey down the river, Chris’ boat ride is abruptly brought to an end due to large rocks in her way. We once again turn our attention to Acarno’s descent deeper into the jungle.

Playing once again as Acarno, you’ll have to see off the remaining part of the jungle before arriving at Jamelgalda Prison.

Back in control of Acarno, head forwards up the path and come to a cliff edge. Standing between the two trees on the very edge of the cliff, equip the WET SUIT.

Edge of the cliff; Between the two trees, lower yourself down the steep edge of the cliff.
Item; Collect the 2 DECOYS in the water.
Aim; On the waters surface use the HOOK SHOT to get back up to the cliff you dropped down from. The spot you must aim from (without the game telling you "The hook will not reach" or "there is an obstacle in the way") is quite specific, so you may need to try a few times - try and keep in the centre of the water when taking aim.
Items; On the spot you land, you will notice below there is another cliff edge. Carefully drop to it, and you will find a small cave on the cliff side containing an OIL CARTRIDE, 1000 CREDITS, a DIAMOND and also a MACHINE GUN CARTRIDGE.
Aim again; Exit the cave and use the HOOK SHOT to get back up to the area you just dropped from.
Passage; Head right around the green area and on your left you will see a passage - head up.

Equip the FLAME THROWER and the INSULATOR BOOTS and head into the next area.

Roboplant; In the next area you will be confronted by a strange robotic plant-type creature. It sucks you towards it's tentacles which shock you if you do not have the INSULATOR BOOTS equipped.
Light it up; As it's tentacles are not harmful to you, get as close as possible and blast them one by one with the FLAME THROWER until all six are gone.
Items; The robotplant reveals three items once it has disintegrated - pick up 1500 CREDITS, 5 GRENADES and 5 TIME BOMBS. Head with the wind into the next area.
Item; In the next area there is an EMERGENCY SPRAY on the ground to Acarno's right.
Item; Head past the opening on the right and continue straight before picking up the 5 SWITCH BOMBS on the ground.
Item; Turn around 180 degrees and head back the way you came, this time taking the opening on the left. Continue forwards and pick up 3 FREEZE PACKS on the ground. Continue forwards into the next area.

In the next area equip the SHOCK ABSORBER boots and PARA JACKET – this will allow you to glide while jumping. Approach the bridge directly in front of you.

Bridge; Walk (don't run) across the bridge and the sixth panel will drop out, sending you plummeting towards the big rock underneath. You will need to plant an explosive on the rock before jumping across to the rocks below (on the opposite side of the water to the one you entered this area) to avoid being take out by the blast. If you end up in the water, simply climb out.
The path is cleared; Chris can now continue along the river by boat.

You’ll now regain control of Chris in the boat and will have to navigate a second section that differs little from the first.

On the water again; Once again, slowly navigate the boat down the river avoiding the rocks.

Cut scene

Once Chris has finished talking, head over to the control panel attached to the base of the large anti-gravity defence station.

Explosion time; Use the PLASMA BOMB here.

Cut scene

You’ll now once again have control of Acarno, who is now back atop the cliff next to the bridge – note that the GRAVITY CONTROLLER is now operational, so make sure it’s turned on. There are now several items to collect;

Items; There is a HEAT PACK on both of the bridge posts in front of you - stand underneath and jump upwards to collect them both.
Cross safely; Cross the bridge, taking care to avoid the missing panels. There is one further panel which will drop from the bridge as you cross - you should be able to tell which panel it is due to it being slightly darker than the rest.
Item; There is a GEO STONE on top of the bridge post on your left.
Item; On top of the fourth and final bridge post is an EMERALD.
Items; On the ground below the stones you just collected is 5 GRENADES, 5 SWITCH BOMBS and 5 TIME BOMBS. After picking them up, drop into the water below.
Items; Climb out and pick up the ENERGY PACK before turning to face the water.
Aim; Use the HOOK SHOT to return to the cliff above.

Back on top of the cliff, head towards the opening through which you originally entered this area. Head forwards and then left before continuing on through to the windy area that you fought against the roboplant in earlier. Fighting against the wind, head through this area and return to the cliff side – approach the tree directly in front of you as you approach the cliff edge.

Item; By jumping onto the raised area next to the tree, you are able to jump onto the top of the tree and pick up a GEO STONE.

Drop down from the tree and head back up the passage you came from, returning to the windy area. Head forwards with the wind and back into the passage connecting you to the bridge area. Head forwards, passing the opening on the right and into a new area. Equip the WET SUIT and take a few steps forwards to trigger some speech from Acarno;

The valley; Acarno indicates the direction you need to head in.
Items; Head into the water and swim to the other end of the channel and you will see two items floating in the water - collect two lots of 500 CREDITS. Return to the point at which you started your swim and exit the water.
Secret ledge; Equip the PARA JACKET. You will have no doubt noticed the loud wind in the valley - this allows you to ascend using the parachute on your jacket but simply holding the jump button, and releasing when you want to descend. You will notice an opening in the side of the cliff with some clearly visible items. Glide over using your parachute and land on the ledge.
Items; Pick up the ENERGY PACK, DIAMOND and MAGAZINE CARTRIDGE on the ledge. Turn around and jump off of the ledge, using your parachute to glide left and continue through the valley.
Opening; As you continue to glide, you will notice an opening on the same side of the valley as the ledge you just picked up items from. Land on the ground in front of the opening and continue forwards on foot.
Item; In the next area, pick up the 5 TIME BOMBS on the ground to your right.

After picking up the 5 TIME BOMBS, you have a decision to make about how to progress through this next section due to the several sets of laser cannons that fire at you from both sides of the passage;

If you are not concerned about achieving maximum CP (affecting your ability to unlock the hidden Episode 8), then simply run ahead jumping over the rocks until you reach the clearing at the end of this section – which is easy enough, although you must avoid all lasers as they will kill you with one hit.

If you are aiming for maximum CP, you can help your cause by taking out each of the laser cannons – this is of course much tricker and may require a few attempts so it may be worth saving your process to avoid having to keep restarting (costing CP). Equip the SPIKED BOOTS and follow the steps below to take out the cannons;

1; Access the inventory and take out a DECOY, but don't set it down yet. Head forwards and the cannons will begin shooting. Set your DECOY within their range and turn around to jump on the rock you just went past.
2; Jump to the cliff side, jump up again and head along to the base of the first turret - set an explosive (or two for good measure) and then retreat behind the big rock on the ground that you used to advance upwards before the DECOY expires.
3; Back on the ground, face the direction of the cannons and hug the cliff-side on the right - this will protect you from fire as you walk forwards. Once you come to the big rock blocking your path, turn to face the cliff-side and you will be able to get to the top by jumping and pulling yourself up.
4; You can pick up the item on the ground knowing you are safe from fire. Pick up the INSTANT PLATE before setting off more explosives at the base of the second turret.
5; Staying on top of the cliff, take out another DECOY and continue along past where there turret was previously and you will notice the third and final cannon start firing from the opposite cliff top. Set another DECOY before picking up the INSTANT PLATE on the ground
6. While the DECOY is still active, head towards the cliff on which the third turret is situated and (providing you're wearing the SPIKED BOOTS) you'll be able to simply jump and scale the cliff-side, allowing you to place more explosives to take out the remaining cannons.
7; Continue along the cliff top past the large rocks on the ground before dropping to the floor and picking up the 5 GRENADES. Finally, advance forwards into the clearing.

In the next area, approach the edge of the cliff.

Aim; Use the HOOK SHOT to get across the canyon. Be sure to grab the ledge as you land to avoid falling with the crumbling edge of the cliff.
Item; Head forwards between the trees and pick up 2 FREEZE PACKS on the ground.
Item; There is also 2 DECOYS on the ground a few steps away.
Item; Head to the end of the passage between the trees and head right. Carefully navigating the narrow cliff edge, pick up the MAGAZINE CARTRIDGE.
Item; Continue along the cliff edge and pick up 10 SWITCH BOMBS.
Item; Continue along the cliff edge and the around to the opposite side of the cliff and pick up the EMERGENCY SPRAY.
Item; Continue forwards and pick up the BAZOOKA ROUND. Continue along the cliff edge and turn to face the giant wall of air. Ensuring the PARA JACKET is equipped, jump directly into it. This will help propel you upwards, while your parachute allows you to glide across to the next cliff top.

On top of the final cliff, equip the BIG MAGNUM and take a few steps forward towards the building in front of you.

Cut scene