[Episode 5] Boss Fight: Sabre-toothed Tiger

[Episode 5] Boss Fight: Sabre-toothed Tiger


Having finally navigated the dense jungle and its various hazards, Acarno arrives at the entrance to Jamelgalda Prison, only to find a rather unorthodox security guard.

Before being able to enter the prison, you must take out the robotic Sabre-toothed Tiger you are confronted with.

After being show the tiger,  you regain control of Acarno. Ensure you have the BIG MAGNUM equipped and walk towards the sign on which the tiger is stood – once the music kicks in, he will jump down and try to attack you.

Boss; The Sabre-toothed Tiger is easily taken out.

The enemy can be taken out with six to eight shots using the BIG MAGNUM. As with previous bosses, the tiger is not too difficult to kill as he is so slow. The only attack to be aware of is the tiger running towards you and lunging.

Cut scene

Following the brief cut scene, there are a few items to collect before entering the prison;

Item; Pick up the DIAMOND from the spot you killed the tiger.
Aim; Facing the sign on top of which the tiger previously stood, use the HOOK SHOT to get onto the sign post.
Items; Pick up 10 BURST BOMBS on each sign post and also an EMERGENCY SPRAY on top of the sign in the middle.

Drop back down to the floor once you’ve grabbed the items and head up the stairs leading to the prison building before heading through the double doors.