[Episode 5] Freeing Dr. Curtis

[Episode 5] Freeing Dr. Curtis


After acquiring the means to operate Jamelgalda’s elevators, Acarno presses ahead in his effort to find and free Dr. Velter Curtis. Although the end of the mission is in sight, there are still a couple more foes in the way.

You must locate Dr. Curtis’ cell in order to free him and escape the prison, defeating Lady and Adidi Burago in the process.


You now have another boss to deal with, in the form of Lady – who is dressed as a dominatrix, because why not…

Lady; Just when you thought OverBlood 2 couldn't get any more strange.

Around twenty shots with the ANTIQUE GUN should be enough to win the battle, but there are of course other weapons available. The dominatrix will stand and attack before moving to another spot on the platform in the form of a pink beam of light. Wait until she is stationary and fire off as many shots as you can until she moves again – repeat this process while staying out of reach of her whip. It’s worth noting that her whip attack will knock you off the platform is you are stood near an area that has no guard rail.

Item; Once Lady is defeated, collect the 4000 CREDITS she leaves behind.

Before freeing Dr. Curtis, there are some items to collect. Ensure you have the PARRA JACKET and SPIKED BOOTS equipped and prepare for some jumping around on the floating pods which surround the platform on which you’re stood – note this section can be tricky, so it may be a good idea to save your progress.

Aim; Head over to the gap in the railings behind the control panels and use the HOOK SHOT to get on top of the floating pod with "01" on the front.
Jump; On top of pod "01", ensure Acarno's back is to the platform on which you previously fought Lady. The closest pod to your left is number "15" - jump across.
Item; Pick up the GRENADE on top of pod "15".
Aim; Stood on pod "15", use the HOOK SHOT and aim for the area shown, which - although it is not clear until you are actually stood on top - is pod "11".
Item; Pick up the MAGAZINE CARTRIDGE on top of pod "11".
Aim; Turn to face the tall structure in the room and angle the camera so you can see below the pod on which you're stood. Carefully jump and glide across to the brown platform.
Item; Being careful not to fall from the platform, pick up the 1000 CREDITS.
Aim; Equip the SPIKED BOOTS again and use the HOOK SHOT in the direction of the main platform on which you fought with Lady earlier. This will land you on pod "12".
Aim again; On top of pod "12", use the HOOK SHOT once again to get onto pod "07".
Item; On top of pod "07" pick up the TIME BOMB. Once you have the item, use your parachute to glide back to pod "12".
Aim; Back on top of pod "12", use the HOOK SHOT one last time to return to the platform on which you fought with Lady earlier.
Control panels; Head over to the control panels and use both the SILVER KEY CARD and GOLD KEY CARD, finally freeing Dr. Curtis.

Cut scene

Adidi Burago; After freeing Dr. Veltor Curtis, Acarno must escort him safely out of Jamelgalda. The last thing standing in their way is the prison's Head of Security; Adidi Burago.

The gun weapons are best for taking out Adidi, as they can be used from a slight distance which allows you to avoid his two attacks; a simple jab attack, and another move (during which he cannot sustain damage) which involves spinning around with his stick weapon while floating in the air and attempting to land blows on you. Don’t get too close, and when you notice Adidi “charging up” to spin around, jumping will help avoid his attacks. He also takes a breather after each attack, allowing you to land multiple shots at once with ease.

Adidi is not the strongest boss in terms of taking damage, and around eight or nine shots with the BIG MAGNUM or a good dousing with the FLAME THROWER should be enough to see him off.

Cut scene

Episode 5; Complete.