[Episode 5] Jamelgalda Prison

[Episode 5] Jamelgalda Prison


Having just dispatched the robotic Sabre-toothed Tiger, Acarno enters Jamelgalda Prison in an effort to locate and ultimately free Dr. Veltor Curtis.

To progress any further, you must explore the prison until you find The Painting Gallery – where it becomes evident that everything it not quite what it seems at Jamelgalda.

Inside the prison, equip the WET SUIT. Head forwards a few steps until you are stood on the central circular platform in this room. Hugging the guard rail, head right around this platform until you reach a gap in the guard rail.

Guard rail; By heading right you'll come to a gap in the guard rail on the outer perimeter of the circular platform.
Item; There is an EMERGENCY SPRAY in the water almost exactly where you land.

Swim around to the opposite side of the circular central platform you previously jumped from and head up the ladder. Once you’re back on the circular central platform, head over to the “Welcome to Hell” sign in the middle of the room and go through the red door directly underneath the sign.

Red door; Enter here.