[Episode 5] The Painting Gallery

[Episode 5] The Painting Gallery


Within Jamelgalda Prison, Acarno comes across The Painting Gallery – a room which seems to defy reality once the artwork within is examined.

To progress any further, you must progress through several different rooms which are unlocked by interacting with the paintings hung from the walls.

In the next room – which happens to be the strangest in the game – head down the couple of steps on your left and approach the item on the floor.

Item; Pick up the 2 BAZOOKA ROUNDS.
Shoe painting; Interact with this painting on the walland the room will shake.

Exit the room via the doors you entered through and you will enter a different room to the one that was previously on the other side of this door. Do not walk straight forwards towards the item in front of you as the ground will open and you will die in a pit of spikes – instead, equip the BIG MAGNUM and head over to the glass cabinet on Acarno’s left.

Item; Shoot out the glass and collect the Y.O. MIYABI SUIT. Note the ANTIQUE GUN is not strong enough to break the glass.
Item; Head over to the pink table in-between the two pink sofas in the middle of the room and pickup 3 ENERGY PACKS. Again, be cautious of the floor as part of it will open revealing a spike pit.
Item; On the opposite side of the room to the glass case you just shot up is a bed which is automatically moving up and down - jump onto the platform and pickup 1500 CREDITS.
Floating platform; Drop back to the floor, equip the LASER GUN and face the moving bed. You now need to shoot the small rectangular orange light on the side of the bed - this can be done by jumping and shooting at the same time. The shot is quite tricky, so be patient. It will cause the platform to drop to the floor.
Item; An alcove will be revealed on the wall behind the platform. Pickup the SILVER KEY CARD.
Light up them trees; Burning the potted trees will give extra CP.

Exit the room via the door you entered. Hug the outer wall of the room and head left until you come to the cigar painting. 

Cigar painting; Interact with this and the room will shake again. Exit the room to once again be in a totally new area.
Tombstone; Head forwards and stand on top of the grey tombstone underneath what can only be described as a giant rib cage. Set down an explosive and take cover.
Item; The explosion will reveal a small metal box. Equip the FLAME THROWER and blast the metal box until it melts, revealing the RED KEY CARD.
More burning; You are able to set fire to the rib cage-like structure and the bushes that surround the room in order to gain more CP.
Control panel; Head back down the stairs towards the doors you entered this area through and stand facing the stairs - on your left you will notice a small grey control panel facing you attached to the brick wall which separates the middle and left-hand sets of stairs. Use the RED KEY CARD on the control panel, causing the stairs to move and reveal a new room.
Item; Jump into the pool of water at the bottom of the stairs in the newly opened room. Collect the GOLD KEY CARD at the bottom of the water - it can be a little tricky to spot against the light blue floor.

Use the ladders to climb out of the water, head back up the stairs and exit via the main doors you first entered this area through back into the Painting Gallery. Head over to the painting of the guillotine and interact with it.

Guillotine panting; Interact with this to make the room shake one final time.

Head out of the main doors you entered the room through and find yourself back in the prison’s entrance. Head right out of the doorway, over the bridge and interact with the freestanding grey control panel on the other side.

Control panel; This controls the elevator on which Acarno is stood. The one on the opposite side of the room is a dummy and does not work.

Cut scene