[Episode 5] Boss Fight: Lady

[Episode 5] Boss Fight: Lady


After acquiring the means to operate Jamelgalda’s elevators, Acarno proceeds ahead in his effort to find and free Dr. Velter Curtis. Next to stand in his way is Lady – who is dressed as a dominatrix, because why not…

You must “put to bed” Lady before you are able to continue on your noble quest to retrieve your imprisoned comrade.

Lady; Just when you thought OverBlood 2 couldn't get any more strange.

Around twenty shots with the ANTIQUE GUN should be enough to win the battle, but there are of course other weapons available. The dominatrix will stand and attack before moving to another spot on the platform in the form of a pink beam of light. Wait until she is stationary and fire off as many shots as you can until she moves again – repeat this process while staying out of reach of her whip. It’s worth noting that her whip attack will knock you off the platform is you are stood near an area that has no guard rail.

Item; Once Lady is defeated, collect the 4000 CREDITS she leaves behind.