[Episode 5] Boss Fight: Adidi Brago

[Episode 5] Boss Fight: Adidi Burago


After freeing Dr. Veltor Curtis, Acarno must escort him safely out of Jamelgalda. The last thing standing in their way is the prison’s Head of Security; Adidi Burago.

In order to escape the Jamelgalda and complete Episode 5, you must defeat Adidi.

Adidi Burago; Jamegalda's (comical) Head of Security.

The gun weapons are best for taking out Adidi, as they can be used from a slight distance which allows you to avoid his two attacks; a simple jab attack, and another move (during which he cannot sustain damage) which involves spinning around with his stick weapon while floating in the air and attempting to land blows on you. Don’t get too close, and when you notice Adidi “charging up” to spin around, jumping will help avoid his attacks. He also takes a breather after each attack, allowing you to land multiple shots at once with ease.

Adidi is not the strongest boss in terms of taking damage, and around eight or nine shots with the BIG MAGNUM or a good dousing with the FLAME THROWER should be enough to see him off.

Cut scene

Episode 5; Complete.