[Episode 6] [Secret] Boss Fight: Siver Otakki

Upon entering the garden to the Ghost House, Acarno has the option of participating in a secret boss fight - if he knows where to look.

[Episode 6] [Secret] Boss Fight: Siver Otakki


Upon entering the garden to the Ghost House, Acarno has the option of participating in a secret boss fight – if he knows where to look.

The boss is none other than East Edge City’s own quizmaster; Siver Otakki. If you visited him on your last trip to East Edge you may remember him saying; “I have a feeling we’ll meet somewhere again today. Hee hee hee…”

Although this boss fight is not compulsory to your progress, it does offer some unique dialogue from Siver, who seemingly knows more about Acarno than his previous quiz questions would suggest – although the story behind this secret boss fight (and the “Detective” that Siver refers to before the fight) remains a mystery.

If you choose to take out Siver Otakki before entering the Ghost House it will help towards gaining a better rank on completing the Episode.

Strangely, if you do choose to kill Siver, he will appear unharmed upon your next return to East Edge in his usual location – offering some curious dialogue.

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If you wish to fight Siver, it’s worth saving your progress here before going any further. Ensure the GRAVITY CONTROLLER is turned on and that your health is at full before following the below directions to access the roof of the Ghost House in order to trigger the fight;

First jump; Head over to the gap between the left-hand side of the house and the garden wall. Jump onto the wall which prevents you from going around the back of the Ghost House by jumping and pulling yourself up.
Sloped roof; Turn to face the direction Acarno just jumped up from and on the left you should see the sloped roof of the Ghost House sticking out - jump to this point and grab before pulling yourself up.
Aim; Once on the sloped roof, use the HOOK SHOT to get to one of three locations on the very top of the roof - head on up.
Boss; Siver Otakki will appear, prompting some mysterious dialogue.

Hide behind the spire to take cover and equip the LIGHT SABRE. Siver’s attacks come in the form of exploding laser bombs which are fired from his belt. Head over to Siver, as he is best dealt with at close range.

Best method of attack; Standing on the sloped part of the roof shown in this screenshot, Acarno is able to strike Siver with the LIGHT SABRE without taking any damage himself. Continue to hit Siver until his health bar is one strike away from being empty.

Once Siver’s health has totally run out an explosion will trigger, killing Acarno if he is stood too close. To avoid this, simply set a REMOTE BOMB next to Siver and then detonate it when Acarno is a safe enough distance away. Note that you’ll have to detonate quickly in order to avoid Siver moving out of the blast range.

No items are dropped following the fight, so equip the SHOCK ABSORBER BOOTS and drop back down to the ground and return to the point at which you entered the Ghost House’s garden.

Chimneys on the roof; There is nothing else to on the roof with the exception of two chimneys which provide an alternate entrance to the Ghost House - however, don't bother.

It is also worth noting that while the intention of this level is to make your way through the inside of the Ghost House, it is possible to skip the interior completely by dropping into the back garden and jumping over the fence once Siver has been defeated. This of course means you miss out on various areas and items, so is best avoided unless you're doing a speedrun.
Siver isn't dead?; If you manage to defeat Siver, he still appears in East Edge in his usual spot at Basilica Intersection during your next visit to the city. He even acknowledges the fight and comments on Acarno's toughness when interacted with.