[Episode 6] Junk Blade Race Against Cracker

[Episode 6] Junk Blade Race Against Cracker


Having successfully navigated the Ghost House, Acarno is introduced to Cracker, the leader of the Gloom Alley orphans. Acarno is challenged to a junk blade race and will be taken to meet Dr. Marius if victorious, which he of course accepts.

To progress any further, you must beat Cracker in the junk blade race.

Time to race; You must beat Cracker, which is not too hard.
Instructions; How to control the junk blade.

The race involves a couple of laps of a simple track, lasting around two minutes. Unlike in some of the other vehicle-related segments of the game, you will not sustain any damage for hitting the walls as you progress around the track, so simply hold the acceleration button until you eventually win the race.

Episode 6; Complete.