[Episode 7] Acarno’s Destiny

[Episode 7] Acarno's Destiny


Following Cracker’s emotional goodbye to Dr. Marius, Acarno escorts the weakened Dr. to the Church so the team get the Hull Drive fully operational. Upon return, Acarno informs the team he and Dr. Marius are the final “travellers” remaining on Earth – or so they think.

As usual, Hosaka sheds more light on the situation; despite reports stating that all travellers died off over 30 years ago due to climatic change, their demise was in fact a result of failed biological experiments carried out by the government and a young Hayano Industries.

The experiments were completed during Project Meridian’s early stages and were designed to turn travellers into “super soldiers” that were capable of carrying out tests in hostile alien environments while a suitable replacement for Earth was found. These experiments also turn out to be what Raz, Navarro and Veltor were all unknowingly working on earlier in their careers.

Acarno volunteers to risk himself for the greater good, and – being the only person now able to communicate with the Dr. via telepathy – offers to download the remaining information required to get the Hull Drive working directly from his brain.

Meanwhile, Zeno is caught by Ryhuchi Hayano at Shangri-la’s Main Bridge attempting to launch the ship. It is also revealed during this encounter that Zeno is also one of the remaining travellers as he escapes from Ryuichi and Kondo.

Following the successful and safe completion of Acarno’s data transfer, Dr. Marius passes away after disclosing Acarno himself is the “Paralax Key” – which it turns out is a “new answer to the world’s environmental problems”. As the team discovers the launch of Shangri-la, they devise a plan to stop it.

In this section you have the option to visit East Edge City one last time before landing at Shangri-la’s docking bay and eliminating several guards to properly board the ship.


While it’s possible to sell your items as normal before properly starting Episode 7, there is nothing else to be done in East Edge City. The only item worth purchasing at this point is the SHIELD JACKET, which can be bought from the Gentleman’s section of Muromachi Shop [22 on our East Edge City Guide], and costs 7800 CREDITS.

When you are ready to proceed, interact with Hosaka.

Hosaka; Head over to Hosaka and select "Okay, I'm done now".

Cut scene

Final chance; Following the cut scene you will be given your final chance to visit East Edge. Unless you want to re-visit any parts of the city for nostalgia purposes or buy any supplies, just select "Hmmm..".

Cut scene

Following the lengthy cut scene you regain control of Acarno at Shangri-la’s docking bay with several guards on your tail. Take some cover behind the metal crates in front of you and then equip the ANTIQUE GUN or BIG MAGNUM before taking out the guards. Note that one of the guards has a bazooka and should be dealt with first.

Item; After killing the guards, two of them will leave you a MAGNUM SHELL each. Note that this can vary from playthrough to playthrough from 0 to 2 items for seemingly no reason.
Doors; Make your way over to the double doors in the corner of the room.

Through the double doors you will emerge in a hallway lit by a purple light and columns running down each side. As you begin heading down the hallway, two more guards appear from the columns on both sides of the hallway.

Guards; Take them out.
Item; Pick up the MACHINE GUN CARTRIDGE left behind. This is another item which sometimes does not appear for seemingly no reason.

Continue down the corridor and through the open doorway.

Cut scene