[Episode 7] The Bridge Level

[Episode 7] The Bridge Level


Just as Acarno gains access to Shangri-la’s main central elevator the plot thickens when the ship comes under attack, with Ryuichi Hayano one of the casualties. Meanwhile, Kondo continues to try and foil Zeno’s plans.

Back at the docking bay Hosaka decides its time to venture further ahead and help Acarno, with Navarro opting to stay and guard their means of escape.

With access now granted to the central elevator, you must progress through Shangri-la’s other floors – starting with a trip to the Main Bridge – to retrieve more Diva Pieces.


Switch; Following the cut scene you will regain control of Acarno in the central elevator. Interact with the switch and choose to travel to the "Bridge Level".

Item; Once you arrive at the “Bridge Level” you will begin in a room at the start of an actual bridge. Head forwards and part of the bridge will fall out and you will drop into a pool of water, allowing you to pick up another DIVA PIECE.

Item; The DIVA PIECE is not hard to spot.
Exit the water; Climb out using the ladder at the end of the room you entered through.
Cross the bridge; Now that you are once again at the point you entered this room, head across the bridge being sure to jump over the gap. Make your way through the door on the other side of the bridge.

In the next room equip the PARA JACKET and COOL SOLE BOOTS. Also beware that parts of the ground explode, so ensure you have enough health to withstand the occasional blast.

Items; On the platform you now find yourself there are four fires which can be put out using the FIRE EXTINGUISHER, all of which reveal a GEM STONE.
Item; There is another item on the first platform that is easily spotted - ignore it for now as it will trigger an explosion and cause you to lose the item.
Prepare to jump; To the side of the platform you are stood you will notice a floating platform below with an item clearly twinkling on it's surface. Take a look at the positioning of the other floating rocks around the room before using the PARA JACKET to jump and glide onto the platform. Be careful as the platforms are slippy and will send you plummeting, as you will need to keep the COOL SOLE BOOTS equipped - don't be tempted to equip the SPIKED BOOTS.
Item; Pick up the EMERGENCY SPRAY and turn to face the outer wall of the room before jumping and gliding to the floating platform that is above you.
Item; Pick up the EXTINGUISHING SPRAY on the floating platform before turning to face the next floating platform, which is moving slightly. Time your jump and head across.
Item; Pick up the EMERGENCY SPRAY on the floating platform. When the platform is at it's closest to the next floating platform along, jump across.
Item; Pick up another EXTINGUISHING SPRAY on the floating platform. Turn to face the final floating platform and you will notice it is moving up and down - when it is at its lowest point, jump across.
Item; Pick up the DIVA PIECE on the floating platform.
Prepare to jump; Rotate the camera so that it's facing the room's main central platform and you will notice the item that was left untouched earlier. To pick up the item without losing it due to an automatic explosion you must jump, glide and pull yourself up onto the platform next to the item. This can be tricky and take a few attempts, so be patient.
Item; Pick up the KATANA before jumping up and towards the middle of the central platform, allowing you to avoid the automatic explosion.

Head out of the room using the door you entered through and back into the room with the collapsed bridge above water. Head back across the bridge and into the elevator.

Elevator; Interact with the switch and choose "Engine Room Level".

Cut scene