[Episode 7] Engine Room Level

[Episode 7] Engine Room Level


After exploring Shangri-la’s heavily-damaged Bridge Level, Acarno has more Diva Pieces in his possession. Returning to the main central elevator, there are more floors to visit.

On the Engine Room Level you will find another all important Diva Piece.


As you arrive at the “Engine Room Level” you will begin in a room with several fires in front of you. Equip the FIRE EXTINGUISHER and proceed to put out all of the fires.

Items; Each of the 8 fires will reveal a GEM STONE in addition to providing additional CP.
Item; As you make your way around extinguishing the fires you will notice another item on the floor in front of the big shutter doors - pick up the DIVA PIECE.

After gathering all of the items, remove the FIRE EXTINGUISHER and the return to the elevator. Once inside, equip the KATANA and ensure your health is at full. You may also wish to remove the PARA JACKET in order to aid your mobility during the up-coming boss fight.

Elevator; Interact with the switch and choose "Diva Level".

Cut scene