[Episode 7] The Diva Level

Acarno now heads to the ship's Diva Level and is once again faced with Kondo.

[Episode 7] The Diva Level


Acarno now heads to the ship’s Diva Level and is once again faced with Kondo.

Kondo isn’t the only boss you’ll encounter during this section of the game, which also features the first of two face offs with Zeno. You will also find the final Diva Piece.


Kondo; It's time to take out Acarno's old enemy.

Kondo’s method of attack is to swipe you with his extendable arm, sending Acarno flying into the air. Despite this, you should be able to get close enough to strike Kondo with the KATANA (or either the LIGHT SABRE or SUPER LIGHT SABRE), which will cause him to jump into the air and away from you – this usually allows you enough time to run over and land another blow before he is able to attack.

Katana; Your new toy should see off Kondo in 6-8 hits.

Cut scene

When you regain control of Acarno in the Diva Room head back through the door, returning to the room in which you just fought Kondo. Approach the fallen pillar.

Jump; Climb onto the fallen pillar and then onto it's base which remains in the ground.
Item; Collect the final DIVA PIECE before jumping back down and heading through the door back into the Diva Room.
Unlocking the elevator; In the Diva Room there are several pillars again the wall, each with a slot beneath. Proceed around the room inputting the DIVA PIECES you have collected one by one.
Job done; The elevator door is now open. Interact with the elevator door to be reunited with Hosaka and Chris.

Cut scene

Trying to reason with Zeno; During the cut scene before the fight, you'll be prompted to select from some options by Zeno - your selection will make no difference to the outcome of the game or dialogue that follows.
Acarno powers up; At the end of the cut scene, Acarno unlocks the "Special Power of the Harbinger".
Controls; As prompted on screen, Acarno must take on Zeno without using the inventory while utilising his new special attacks.

Zeno’s health regenerates fairly quickly meaning you can’t allow too much time between your attacks. You must also remember that health items are not usable as you cannot access the inventory during this fight, so keep an eye on both health bars.

In terms of attacks, Zeno will throw red energy balls through the air at you (that will follow your movements) which not only cause damage when hit, but prevent Acarno from moving for a number of seconds as well – this allows Zeno to use his melee attack if close enough. Keep moving to avoid sustaining too much damage while attacking repeatedly.

Winning the fight; You haven't seen the last of Zeno just yet.

Cut scene