[Episode 7] Boss Fight: Final Battle with Kondo

[Episode 7] Boss Fight: Final Battle with Kondo


After surviving Shangri-la’s heavily damaged Bridge Level – escaping with a couple more Diva Pieces – Acarno heads to the ship’s “Diva Level” and is reunited with his old enemy; Kondo.

In order to continue you must defeat Kondo once and for all.

Kondo; It's time to take out Acarno's old enemy.

Kondo’s method of attack is to swipe you with his extendable arm, sending Acarno flying into the air. Despite this, you should be able to get close enough to strike Kondo with the KATANA (or either the LIGHT SABRE or SUPER LIGHT SABRE), which will cause him to jump into the air and away from you – this usually allows you enough time to run over and land another blow before he is able to attack.

Katana; Your new toy should see off Kondo in 6-8 hits.

Cut scene