[Episode 7] The Diva Room

[Episode 7] The Diva Room


Following a hard fought battle with one-another in which Acarno wins, things take an unexpected as Kondo steps in to save his life from a falling pillar – one that subsequently he succumbs to himself.

In order to reunite Acarno with his friends and take on Zeno, you must pass through the Diva room using all 8 Diva Pieces to open the elevator.

When you regain control of Acarno in the Diva Room head back through the door, returning to the room in which you just fought Kondo. Approach the fallen pillar.

Jump; Climb onto the fallen pillar and then onto it's base which remains in the ground.
Item; Collect the final DIVA PIECE before jumping back down and heading through the door back into the Diva Room.
Unlocking the elevator; In the Diva Room there are several pillars again the wall, each with a slot beneath. Proceed around the room inputting the DIVA PIECES you have collected one by one.
Job done; The elevator door is now open. Interact with the elevator door to be reunited with Hosaka and Chris.

Cut scene