[Episode 7] Boss Fight: Zeno

[Episode 7] Boss Fight: Zeno


After successfully gathering all 8 Diva Pieces and unlocking the elevator on the Diva Level of Shangri-la, Acarno is reunited with Hosaka and Chris with Navarro staying to guard their means of escape.

Because the bridge has been hit so badly, the ship can only be controlled by main computer room – which is where the team catch up with Zeno, who refuses to stop the ship despite learning of the working Hull Drive. Nor is Zeno phased by Star Watch.

We learn that Zeno wants to establish his own nation where he is the ruler – Zeno Meridian. To demonstrate his power, Zeno launches missiles at a major city as Chris proceeds to shoot him with little effect.

Next it’s revealed that Zeno is a traveller, just as the missiles reach their target. As Zeno continues to talk about his plan and offers to trade Acarno’s power in exchange for not killing off the rest of the world. This would see Zeno’s level of strength increase.

Acarno is taken by Zeno to his lab, leaving Hosaka and Chris two security guards to deal with. We also understand the meaning of the word “OverBlood”; Zeno’s artificial breed of lifeforms created using traveller blood. Hayano invested in the project, which Zeno sees as the beginning of a new age.

Finally, it’s is also revealed that Zeno wasn’t born a traveller – he was created using early synthetic DNA and Nina’s traveller blood – making him the original “OverBlood”. This news enrages Acarno to the point of attacking Zeno, unlocking the “Special Power of the Harbinger”, which Acarno must harness in order to win the upcoming fight and progress any further.

Trying to reason with Zeno; During the cut scene before the fight, you'll be prompted to select from some options by Zeno - your selection will make no difference to the outcome of the game or dialogue that follows.
Acarno powers up; At the end of the cut scene, Acarno unlocks the "Special Power of the Harbinger".
Controls; As prompted on screen, Acarno must take on Zeno without using the inventory while utilising his new special attacks.

Zeno is by far the hardest and most frustrating boss that you have encountered during OverBlood 2 so far…

For starters, Zeno’s health regenerates fairly quickly meaning you can’t allow too much time between your attacks. You must also remember that health items are not usable as you cannot access the inventory during this fight, so keep an eye on both health bars.

In terms of attacks, Zeno will throw red energy balls through the air at you (that will follow your movements) which not only cause damage when hit, but prevent Acarno from moving for a number of seconds as well – this allows Zeno to use his melee attack if close enough.

The trick to winning this fight is not standing still – keep moving, both on the ground and through the air. This will make it harder for Zeno to land attacks on you. Striking Zeno around 10 times should be enough to win the fight (if you land your attacks close enough together as to not allow Zeno time to regenerate his health).

Winning the fight; You haven't seen the last of Zeno just yet.

Cut scene