[Episode 7] Zeno’s Defeat

[Episode 7] Zeno's Defeat


Acarno defeats Zeno and is reunited once again with Hosaka and Chris before learning that Zeno’s attack was a simulation – however he now intends to launch missiles for real and explains they will reach their targets within 30 minutes. Hosaka’s plan; get the ship high enough before blowing it up in order to save the Earth and Hull Drive in East Edge City.

We also learn Hosaka’s true identity – he is the real Ryuichi Hayano and reveals his father was in charge of what is now “Project Meridian”, placing him in a key role at the age of 12. This was after his father discovered the Earth’s atmosphere would only last a short time and believed the only way for humans to survive was for a select few to escape the planet.

Enter scientist Masato Hosaka – she believed there was another way and converted Hosaka’s (or, Ryuichi’s) beliefs. As a result, the real Ryuichi was disowned by his dad. There “other” Ryuichi (who is now dead) was a clone to cover up Hosaka’s leaving via his top scientists.

This gives Hosaka the ability to control the ship’s main computer system, as it was designed to only be controlled by either Zeno or Ryuichi. Hosaka reveals further details for his plan to blow up the ship, not by using the self-destruct mechanism – which Zeno has already permanently disabled – but by taking out the ship with the help of Navvaro Jean.

As Navarro, you must navigate Shangri-la’s “Anti-Matter Room” in order to reunite with Acarno, Hosaka and Chris.

Power of the Harbinger; Once again Acarno has unlocked his special powers, meaning the inventory cannot be accessed - so keep an eye on your health.

To take out Zeno for good you must start by avoiding his main attack which sees him fly fast around the room causing multiple explosions that can take you out with ease if you don’t stay mobile. The best time to attack Zeno is when he walks on the ground – simply avoid his close-range melee attacks while pummelling him with your special attack.

After a few hits, Zeno will fall to one knee while bleeding profusely. The screen will go white signalling Acarno’s victory.

Cut scene

After the cut scene with Nina, equip the FIRE EXTINGUISHER and put out all of the fires in the hallway.

Items; Each fire reveals a GEM STONE once extinguished.

Head to the area Nina walked during the cut scene to trigger another one.

Cut scene

Doorway; During the cut scene, the shutter door will open revealing a doorway - head through it.

Take a couple of steps forward in the next room.

Cut scene

Junk blade time; Following the cut scene you'll take control of Acarno escaping the ship on a junk blade - simply avoid taking damage as much as possible for around 30 seconds until the escape is complete. You'll notice that the route repeats, allowing you to anticipate the turns etc.

Cut scene

Episode 7; Complete.
Well done if you persevered until the end of OverBlood 2 - hopefully you enjoying playing. If you managed to score enough CP during your play-through then you will have unlocked Episode 8, which is the next part of this walkthrough - there is also a video of the level, so you can take a look even if you didn't score high enough.

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