[Episode 8] Final Break Down

[Episode 8] Final Break Down


Once the main credits have finished rolling after the completion of Episode 7 – and the planet has been saved – you will be taken back to the main menu. If you managed to earn over 2000 Clear Points whilst playing through the first seven Episodes of the game, you will be greeted with “???” on the main menu screen – select this to play Episode 8.

You will begin Episode 8 as Acarno inside the Church – note that is not possible to venture outside into East Edge City. Make your way up either set of stairs and talk to Hosaka.

Episode Sections


Hosaka; He will give you the details for this mission.
Jump; Turn on the GRAVITY CONTROLLER and jump over the fence into the illuminated area.
Character selection; It is possible to play Episode 8 as either Acarno, Chris or Navarro by interacting with your desired choice once you've climbed out of the water. Note that each of the 3 characters has multiple outfits available.

Jump into the pool of water in the middle of the room and swim directly downward. A word of warning; you will need to progress through the next section quickly in order to avoid the many traps.

Swim; Head both towards the surface of the water and the right-hand wall. You'll need to do this while avoiding the rotating traps within the water and the falling white spikes raining from above.
Exit the water; Climb out of the water and head up the slope - you will need to jump as the slope is slippery. Be aware that parts of the slope (and the white spikes sticking out of it) are pre-set to explode. Head down the other side of the slope towards the water, again keeping to the right-wall. Swim across to the next ledge and climb out.
Second slope; Sticking to the right wall while jumping up the second slope should see you take minimal damage. Once at the top, switch sides and hug the left wall before descending into the final water section
Home stretch; Keeping to the left wall while in the water, swim across and climb out in front of the doors before heading through them.