[Episode 8] The Final Room

Episode 8: The Final Room


After successfully making it through the first two stages of the game’s final Episode, there is one final stage to navigate. Well done if you made it this far, but it doesn’t get any easier from here…  

To complete this final room – and Episode 8 – you will need to make your way to the opposite end of the room to the one you start at in order to use the Air Cooler Repair Kit.

Episode Sections


Before going any further, ensure you have a full health bar when you start. Upon entering the room you will notice a variety of boxes and platforms descending from the ceiling into the green liquid below – the first thing to note is that the green liquid is deadly, so don’t fall in.

Your first goal is to scale the descending boxes and platforms until you are high enough to jump over the giant rollers on the other side of the room. This ultimately comes down to how quickly you can ascend the moving items (by jumping and using the various ladders), so knowing your route is key – the instructions below should help provide the quickest route to the top, but it may take a few attempts to pull off…

First jump; Jump onto the mesh platform, then onto the black and yellow box.
First ladder; From the black and yellow box, turn to face left before jumping and grabbing onto the ladder.
Second jump; At the top of the ladder, jump left and onto another mesh platform.
Large crate; Jump and grab onto the top of the brown and black crate before pulling yourself up.
Beam; Atop the brown and black crate, jump and grab onto the beam suspended by chains to your left.
Jump from the beam; Run carefully up the suspended beam and jump to the next mesh platform.
Another large crate; Head to the furthest away of the two grey and red crates - jump and grab to pull yourself up.
More ladders; On top of the crate jump to the ladders on your left. Grab onto them and climb to the top.
Another large crate; On the new mesh platform, turn left and jump up onto the large dark crate.
Beam 1 of 2; Turn slightly right and jump to the brown beam suspended by chains.
Beam 2 of 2; Run along the beam towards the side of the room you originally entered through, the jump up to the beam slightly above.
Tricky jump; From the second beam, jump towards the outer wall of the room and then guide yourself onto the mesh platform above.
Dark crate; Jump up onto the large crate, and begin running towards the giant rollers that should now be visible.
Jump the rollers; There are 3 giant rollers to clear in total - you must avoid them forcing you between them or else you will die instantly. It is also important to avoid the giant blue cubes dropping from the ceiling, which also result in an instant death.
Landing spot; From the last of the giant rollers, one big final jump should be enough to land on the mesh platform ahead.
It's a trap; You must jump quickly to the last of the three mesh platforms, as the first two explode when landed on.

Now is a good time to save your progress, as this is the last safe spot before a tricky couple of jumps. Note the item ahead sitting on top of the curved pipe which is spewing out liquid – this is the next landing spot. Also take note of the large hook moving backwards and forwards along the ceiling above.

Equip the HOOK SHOT and fire it when it is in-line with the pipe sticking out of the wall on the left.

Tricky landing; As you are unable to grab onto the moving hook, you will need to carefully land on the pipe when you start to fall. Pick up 99 HORSEMEAT BURGERS. Hope you're hungry.
Aim again; Equip the HOOK SHOT once again and shoot it when the hook on the ceiling is closest to the next mash platform up ahead.

Unless you want to have to perform another miracle landing now would be another good time to save.

1st pipe; From the mesh platform, jump to the first pipe which runs from wall to wall.
2nd pipe; Jump to the smaller pipe on the right wall which has a clearly visible item on top. Pick up 2 GRENADES.
3rd pipe; Jump to the last pipe which runs from wall to wall.
More moving platforms; Position yourself on the left of the final pipe and face the moving platforms with hooks underneath. You must jump to the first platform, but be careful it doesn't push you off of the pipe first.
Item; Pick up the 2 SWITCH BOMBS.
Transfer; Jump diagonally across to the next platform, being careful to avoid the translucent blue walls which will knock you into the hazardous green liquid below if not dodged correctly.
Pipe below; Jump to the pipe below which runs from wall to wall.
Mesh platform; Jump across to the mesh platform ahead.

This is another good spot to save. You will notice ahead that there are several columns moving up and down in the green liquid below, along with two sloped travellator platforms along both walls of the room – this section must be scaled in order to access the platform visible in the distance with green gas on it’s surface.

1st column; Jump carefully to the first column.
Jump across; When the moving column reaches it's highest point, jump across to the sloped travellator. Run along the wall to avoid being swept away by the moving surface.
Keep running; Head towards the opposite end of the sloped travellator before jumping to the flat platform ahead.
1st set of moving belts; The moving belts on which you land will push you into the sides of the room and result in an instant death. The darker belts move much slower than the lighter belts, so try and stick to these as you line up a jump to the next set of moving belts up ahead.
2nd set of moving belts; Again sticking to the darker belts, spot the black and yellow platform raising from the ground up ahead and jump to it.
Floating platform; Wait until the platform reaches a great enough height for you to jump to the mesh platform ahead. Be sure to avoid the purple-coloured floor as it will harm you.
More explosions; As you land, the mesh platforms will begin to explode, so continue running ahead and jumping to avoid the crumbling surface as best as you can.
The end is near; You should trigger some on-screen advice when you reach the end of the platform.

Although the final jump is not as difficult as some of the ones you’ve made previously, saving here one last time might be a good idea. As advised by the on-screen prompt, you must jump across to the ledge ahead in order to use the AIR COOLER REPAIR KIT. The first thing to note is that the surface you’re about to jump to is slippery, so be careful as you land.

Bombs; Approach the edge of the mesh platform and put a GRENADE on the ground, then put a SWITCH BOMB next to it.
Final jump; Restore your health and prepare your jump by starting a few steps away from the bombs. Take a running jump and detonate the SWITCH BOMB as you jump, which should give you enough distance to clear the gap.
Just about done; Carefully move along the (slippery) platform towards the glowing blue part of the wall. Use the AIR COOLER REPAIR KIT to trigger the final cut scene.
Episode 8; Complete. Well done if you made it this far.
Post credits??; Following the previous cut scene, the screen goes black before a final cut scene plays, showing what appears to be Air Cooling Machine #87 exploding despite the repair kit being used.

Could this have been a potential setup for a third instalment in the franchise? Or maybe it was a "fuck you" from the game developers? So many questions...