Website Credits [& Thanks]

A list of's contributors.

Website Credits [& Thanks]

Website design and build, walkthrough and content curation by Ben. A huge thanks to the list of contributors below for helping me massively along the way;

  • Additional walkthrough input [Episodes 1-3] by Kriton K. Lefas.
  • Support in extracting digital game assets and files, as well as research into Episode 6’s secret area by Yoko.
  • Support in research for Episode 6’s secret area, English voice cast researching and debug mode access by Tunedi.
  • Information on Italian regional release by MarkTheCrow.
  • Additional links by 明哲張.
  • Zapping Led for uploading the Italian cutscenes to YouTube and shouting out this site!
  • The lovely people in the “I Watched the Entire OverBlood Super Replay” Facebook Group.

A big thanks to all those who have been in touch about the site and walkthough over the past few years.

Finally, thank you to my wife for being my best friend and so laid back while I spent hours and hours staring at my computer doing this thing – I love you always.

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